Christmas Decorations! #blogmas 21, 2014!

I struggled with what todays entry should be about as I spent the day doing some Christmas shopping.  I was pretty busy and I've always wanted to vlog but I just can't get on with doing it in public.  People would be looking at me like I was psychotic if I did here in ole Jersey.  I've decided that I would show you a couple of photos of Christmas decorations outside in my neighborhood along with the following two RANDOM photos. 

I was at Marshalls today and found these MOST AMAZING peach rings.  Ever since I was a little girl I have always been OBSESSED with these.  My aunt used to buy them all of the time and we used to enjoy them together!  The photo on the right is me making a silly face with my one of my favorite Christmas lip colors (Retro by MAC).  Lets get the xmas decorations started with this amazing sunset first.  I hope you enjoy them!

Here is the inside of my house and the decorations that we have going on!  Please notice my 'Welcome Fall' craft this is still hanging on the wall there in the background.

I hope you all enjoyed the decorations!  Tweet me pictures of lights in your neighborhood or leave some of your holiday traditions in the comments below!  Thank you for reading.  -Brit.

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