Christmas Day #2 :)

Although I do realize I guess I never 'ended' blogmas properly yesterday, I figured I would just continue anyway, so here we go!  Today I had Christmas Day #2 with my my dad, brother, aunt, uncle and cousin.  We hung out, exchanged presents and just enjoyed each others company.     

 Here's my cousin opening his gift.  You clearly cannot see the actual gifts that I got him, but it was a Minecraft Picaxe and another Minecraft book.  He is ridiculously into Minecraft right now so it's really easy to buy gifts for him.  I think for the last two years I have been buying him lego-related stuff so it's just so nice to be able to buy him something different for a change.  It has been like this with him and I can definitely see it continuing.  When kids around this age get into something, they like it for two years and then they're onto something else.  Just like when they're little, they like it for two seconds and then they're over it.  At least it lasts longer around this age.

I also cannot believe I paid $20 for a large piece of foam.  Lols.

Here's everyone enjoying some snacks and my dad, apparently, acting like Jesus?  The sentiments here are basically what a gathering for us is like at any given time.  Let it sink in.

It's rare that my aunt and uncle get in a picture together at all, aside from a good one, so this is a gem.

We went out for a short shopping trip while they were here and while in Target Ean picked up this Nerf gun.  We spent the entire rest of the night picking up the darts so the dog didn't eat them. Casual.

Here we are playing Tenzi.  I have never heard of this before today!  My cousin got the game for Christmas and it was surprisingly interesting to play.  There are a ton of different ways you can play the game but the main way is that you have ten die and you have to keep rolling until you get all ten die to be the SAME number.  Loving it and so is the family.  As you can tell by the faces.  LOL.

As I mentioned we popped into the mall for a short shop.  We went into a couple of stores including Sephora where my cousin always loves to get every possible eyeshadow on my hand as a swatch.  Not sure if I'll blog about what I got, I don't know that I like it.  For some ODD reason, the 11 year old mind thinks this is just hysterical.  The sacrifices that we make as older relatives to younger children.  *Starts thinking of this as a blog post idea and reminds those reading to stay tuned.*  Thanks for reading all!  Merry Christmas x2 ;).  Tweet me your fun, after Christmas activities!  -Brit.

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