Another Festive Manicure! #blogmas Day 3, 2014

So chances are if you follow me on snapchat you may or may not have seen me snap my newest manicure!  I'm trying to get things going 'festively speaking' in my life because the people I see on a daily basis are SO not into Christmas it seems.  Don't you hate that?  When everyone you spend time with on a daily basis is like, 'bahumbug' every second of the day.  I even made super delicious soup tonight for dinner and have been getting really creative when it comes to food around here and no one seems to be liking it.  Whatever.. it makes me hella happy and that's what matters!

As I said, the above photo was from snapchat so this is much more true to the color that the polish actually appears on your nails.  That perfect wine red color that you long for during Christmas<3.

I hope you love this cute little manicure.  I didn't take full advantage of the 'metallic' in the Sally Hansen polish (linked is the gray color) because I just wanted the color.  The magnetism is really cool when you do it, but it just didn't set the tone right for this manicure, the color is good enough.  I'm still getting used to the formulation on these Revlon Gel Polishes.  They do stay on longer than most formulations but definitely not as long as a real gel manicure.  I miss my gel manicures.  Sigh.  It's almost as if the consistency is 'goopy' a little bit, but like I said I think it's just me getting used to it.  Revlon is most definitely my favorite drugstore polish HANDS DOWN though, I just LOVE it.

Tell me if you have the same opinion on these polishes of if I'm just plain crazy.  I'd love to know!  Send me a tweet or leave a comment below.  Thanks for reading BLOGMAS!  I hope you're loving it so far.  Can't wait to show you what comes next!  -Brit.  

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