VOTE 2014: The impact.

Did you?  I find it very difficult to get most of my friends out to the polls.  Being that I am the only one out of my friend group that is especially involved with politics as much as I am, no one really understands how important it is.  I specifically try and let my influence shine down on them without them knowing, but that never works and I always end up getting into some conversation that I've brought on, rather than them bringing something up to me.

It really stinks that politics is not something people want to willingly talk about (at least in my age group).  It makes me wonder, when did the most important things start becoming so understated?  Politics are important, but most people think that 10-second selfies on a snapchat story are more important.  This ACTUALLY sickens me.  Don't get me wrong, I love having fun and complaining with the rest of them about someone who puts a 10-second selfie on their story.. but then again, if you don't vote you can't complain right?

I've tried to bring up current events, voting and politics with my friends a couple of different ways.  For instance, take friend A for example, he's a big sports fan.  I try to compare it to his favorite sport.  I was all excited because today the Huffington Post said they were adding snaps to their story if you sent one to them and they screenshot mine.  Naturally, I told him about it.  He laughed at me but I told him, "if it was for ______ team, you would do it too" and he agreed.  So things like this work when getting other people to understand the value, but when it comes down to it, you wont get them to think any differently about going out to vote if the issues don't DIRECTLY affect them in that moment.  If I was to tell friend A that his TV service was going to be shut off during the next ______ game if he didn't get out to vote, he still probably wouldn't go, but when his TV service got shut off when the next _______ game came on because he didn't vote, I'll throw that right back into his lap.  If you don't vote, you cannot complain.  

Then there are friends that just think this entire thing is a joke.  I hate when they do that!  I had a conversation about voting today with one of my good friends, let's call her friend B.  I was reminding her to go out and vote today and to make sure that she makes her voice heard.  If anything, Senate and local elections are exciting because they feel more 'community' based.  Does that make any sense?  I don't know.  But anyway, I told her to make sure that she goes out and votes.  During our conversation she told me that she wasn't even registered.  My jaw basically dropped to the floor.  I have known this friend for years now and all of this conversation we've had and she had never told me that she wasn't registered.  I would have had her register online and vote in every election if I knew that was the case.  Minutes later, she reveals that she was kidding and that she is registered to vote but only votes in presidential elections.  Okay, cool.  I don't believe anything she says about voting now lol.  Whatever, I understand that friend B doesn't really like it, but it's certainly not a joke.

Alllllllll this yacking away for what?  Nothing really I guess.  I just want people all over America to understand the impact and pertinence of voting.  No jokes, and certainly no complaints until they do.

Did you vote today?  Tweet me and let me know.  Thanks for reading as always.  -Brit.

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