Thanksgiving Eve: Facebook Reflections

Facebook has this uncanny ability to remind us of things that we don't want to know.  On this eve of Thanksgiving, I sit here browsing the FB feed and seeing what my friends are up to, because I DO care about SOME of them.  I mean, it's honestly true.  Some people on my friends list I do care about, others I honestly couldn't care less. 

Yes, there have been bumps in the road, yes there have been times where things are absolutely amazing, but it has all been part of the journey.  Without the downs, I feel like I would not have had the opportunity for the ups.  Nothing is ever easy and I feel like I have TRULY been tried, especially in this past year, but there is always something great just around the corner and I'm always working and waiting for that.

If there's ever a chance in life when I am feeling down, I look to my close friends and family for help.  I usually always find someone to talk to, someone is always there but if in that rare case everyone is busy, I always find myself.  This is what is MOST important and why I always say that its super crucial that you are honest with yourself because at the end of the day what YOU put out and how YOU act around people, is the image you'll see in the mirror at the end of the day.

When all is said and done, I question some of the things people post on Facebook everyday.  At times, the demons inside some of these FB friends of mine allow them to go off on tangents that I know they'll regret.  At other times, beautiful people share beautiful moments of their lives and it's a great thing.  There are also things I know for sure people post and will definitely feel embarrassed about; but that realization comes way too late as I feel INSTANTLY embarrassed FOR them.  I think it's important that these extremes meet and in that moment, Facebook may exist as this 'Post MySpace Dreamworld' or something.  I don't know.  After all people do have the right to post whatever they want on Facebook and mostly no one (except the Facebook police) are there to stop them.

What are your thoughts about the things people post on Facebook?  I know you have opinions.  Leave a comment below or send me a tweet, I am interested to know how you feel.  Also, make sure you stay tuned for my Thanksgiving post!  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  -Brit.

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