Thanksgiving 2014!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!  I just absolutely love this time of year.  There's something to be said about getting together with family, celebrating the good (and the bad) that the past year has brought us and just eating, drinking and being merry.  Without the bad, there wouldn't be the good and I am just so thrilled to be able to spend times of reflection like this with the people that I love.

My Thanksgiving morning started with a bang at 8:30ish.  It was the CLASSIC Thanksgiving emergency.  My neighbor is texting me frantically telling me that she cannot fit her turkey in her own oven so she needs my oven.  I know that doesn't make her very happy but for some reason, it just makes me giggle.  It makes me feel like I'm in some Thanksgiving movie.  Classic.

Thanksgiving preparations began a couple of days before of course.  My uncle was hosting it at his house and I asked my aunt what she wanted me to bring and she said dessert.  I was so happy because I am normally not a great cook, so when she said dessert I knew my baking specialties could shine.  

I went to Costco to pick up a cheesecake and some cookies as well though.  Reason for this (Does there have to be one?) is because I feel like the holiday time is an excuse for Costco cheesecake.  If you have never had a Costco cheesecake, it's simple - you haven't lived.  They are the best, so are their cookies.  I wrote THANKSGIVING in Sharpie marker on the package of cookies so that no one would eat them and the next day they were all gone!  I honestly could not believe it.  So naturally, I made more.  Whatever, you'll see the photos below.  

Oh and when I was done making everything, I put little pink post-it notes with messages on each thing making sure the boys knew that they shouldn't eat it until Thanksgiving.  It kind of worked.

We started 'dinner' a little earlier this year because my older cousin Patrick had to leave earlier.  He works as a security manager at a mall and the Black Friday deals start on Thanksgiving.  You know how that is!  He had to eat and was gone by about 2:30-3:00.  It stunk that he had to leave early but it was great to see him and I'm happy we got the chance to catch up.  See my cousin in the background up there sneaking in some fruit from our tiny fruit tray BEFORE dinner?  So bad, hahaha.

I guess this is the best close up I got of the bird.  It has a bacon cross on it.  Umm, hello.  ALL HAIL BACON.  Makes me so happy.  Who DOESN'T worship bacon?  We do in the Irvine family.  Thank you and goodnight.

The full, delicious spread for dinner.  Ugh, can we all just take a moment.  My uncle is such an amazing cook.  No wonder he chose to be a chef as a career.  There's no one like him when it comes to making such awesome meals.  I am so thankful to catch a tip or two here and there.  Whenever I have a question about something when it comes to cooking, he always knows the answer. #Happiness

I guess these are just a couple of random action shots of things happening?  Just please enjoy my aunt standing on a chair taking a photo of the food.  She definitely didn't want me taking a picture of her at the time because there's more than one bird on the thanksgiving table (ahem).  On the other side, Ean is just oddly smiling and eating more of that fruit.  Ugh, he's so damn cute.  My dad is mid-thought?

Here is the dessert spread.  Another moment of silence for the godliness that is desserts.  If you can tell, there are a couple of shot glasses there to the side.  You know we indulged.  Also as you can see the fruit is almost completely gone (thank you Ean).  I made chocolate chews, there's the cheesecake, my aunt made a pumpkin pie, I made rice crispy treats, and I made cookies.  As you can also tell, everyone likes their hot beverages differently.  For me: black coffee.  My 11 year old cousin: jasmine green tea (omg).  For my aunt: 8 MILLION spoonfuls of sugar and some cream.  My dad: a little cream.  My uncle: a little cream, a little sugar.  My brother: who the hell knows.  

Clearly we are THRILLED about this photo here.  I don't know what we were thinking or what we were about to do but we were just ya know, lookin' great.  I know my aunt took this because I was just standing there with my hands around the boys feelin' thankful on Thanksgiving.  For some reason, the faces just say it all here.  Love them more than you know.

Here's a random shot of my dad, Pat and my uncle.  They were watching some random video on my dads phone and enjoying some random ale that my uncle brought out.  They were happy so I wasn't asking any questions.  This was pre-dinner, I think we were munching on the delicious Charcuterie platter my uncle had out, it was the best.  Um, can we talk about the wall color in this room?  Ugh, I dieeeee for it!  

I cannot say enough how thankful and happy I am to have my beautiful family in my life.  You're handed lemons sometimes, but just make lemonade and get your family to help you.  Be thankful for and bask in the joy that you're given, and if you feel like that's lacking - make your own joy to be thankful for.  Okay, enough is enough.  I love my family.  How was your Thanksgiving?  Send me a tweet and let me know.  I hope it was GREAT.  Thank you for reading.  -Brit.

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