Monday Motivation

I'm normally not one for the whole "Monday Motivation" thing but at work recently, I have been posting a lot of it.  I can't explain why I don't like it, so there must be a little of me that does.  This quote makes me happy.  I think it is TOTALLY true because some of the best projects are a result of taking on a challenge without knowing how it's all going to turn out.  Don't you agree?  What quotes inspire you?  I know for sure that this one makes me feel a little bit stronger if there are thoughts of weakness in my mind.  If there are times when I'm feeling like everyone in my life can't motivate me at one point, I definitely turn to quotes like this.  It is OKAY to think that about everyone in your life at one point, sometimes it just happens.  Looking at quotes like this and bright colors can instantly change your mood and get you thinking better again.  Let me know what you think about when you're feeling down.  Whats your favorite quote?  Send me a tweet or leave a comment below and let me know.  Thanks for reading as always.  -Brit.

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