Baby Shower!

Today I was lucky enough to attend a beautiful baby shower that was to honor my best friend Ally's sister, Kristin.  She is SUCH a sweetheart and she is due mid-December, she cannot wait to have her beautiful little baby boy.  Ally lives in North Jersey, too far if you ask me.  We always talk about how much it stinks to not be so close to each other all the time just incase we want to pop out for lunch or errands together.  We met in college and we have basically been pretty much inseparable since then.  We video chat waaaaaay too much, it's sick actually.  Maybe one day she will do the best friend tag with me on my YouTube channel.  

ANYWAY!  Back to the shower.  It was held in a beautiful clubhouse up north.  We went in the day before to help with getting things ready because as you can see there was a lot to do before all of the guests were set to come at 1pm the next day.  Want to hear something insane?  Ally's mom cooked EVERYTHING.  She cooked all of the food for about 45-50 people and she brought everything to the clubhouse.  It was really nice to have someone there to help her so she hired a sweet woman who was there to help with set up, serving and cleaning.

The above is a panoramic view of the entire room where the shower was taking place.  It really was an adorable space.  I don't know if you can tell but there is a little alcove in the bottom section there where theres a fireplace that was lit for the guests and thats also the area where they kept the food.

When you first walked in the door as a guest you saw the desert table to the immediate right.  It was adorably lined with a gorgeous cake, mini cupcakes, cookies, apple crumb and coffee.  What an amazing taste to start off fall with.  As you walk further into the venue you would have seen the cutest little fish net and the walkway lined with lit candles.  How could I have forgotten to mention the adorable little buoys that were strategically planted in random places in the room for an added touch to the theme.  Don't mind Ally randomly on her phone here, sorting out last minute stuff. 

Probably one of my favorite things about the shower, aside from the theme as a whole, was this clothing line that was hung up along the windows.  All of the clothes were purchased by Kristin's mom and hung up along the windows.  She is going to spoil this baby rotten and it is ADORABLE.  I wish I had gotten closer to take some more pictures but some of the outfits and onesies were so cute saying things like 'Whine Expert' with grapes on it, etc.  How cute are those lanterns on the table!?

Look close and you'll see unexpected details like the royal blue napkins wrapped up in twine, perfectly fitting the theme.  Also, the votives surrounding the centerpieces that were cute little lighthouses.  Not to mention the tablecloths were even beautiful!

Mmmm, look at that taffy!  It was delicious.  Also, how cute are these mason jars?!  I know this is super trendy but I don't know, I think it's SUPER cute.  The little details and the personalization make it so adorable and fun.  These could be taken home as favors if guests really wanted to and were perfect for the Prosecco and other assorted alcoholic beverages for the non-pregnant.  ;)

I wish I had taken more photos of the food and the champagne bar, the homemade sangria and the water/sparkling water section, the gifts and the desert.  I didn't though but my best friend and I were happy to have spent some time together as we live so far away from one another and we never get to.  I also wish I took some photos of my outfit because it was a really cute one!  I'll leave you with these photos.  One is the two of us at the head table and the other, just a selfie.  :)

Thanks for reading!  I cannot believe it's November already, the holiday season is coming up.  Are you ready?  Did you start your shopping?  I know it's sick for me to ask that but.. it's now a relevant question.  I cannot wait to start obsessively baking, decorating and just enjoying everything.  Thanksgiving is going to be wonderful as well and I just cannot wait to spend time with my family.  Send me a tweet or leave a comment and let me know what you're excited for.  -Brit.

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