Current Candle Crave: An Orange Glow

Upon my window sill this time of year,  I always like to make it look a little more autumnal.  This year I seemed to hold onto summer and decorate for the season at the same time with this candle.

As you can see, the entire candle jar is this grainy orange color.  From this photo, it looks like it fades to yellow because when its burning, the color at the top looks yellow but it's not like it changes color or anything.  It looks adorable!  The scent is nice, but only if you like coconut as the scent is Coconut Cedarwood.  The throw of the scent is pretty good as you do smell it throughout the room, but definitely not as fragrant as the candles I have had in the past from other places.  

One things for sure, I cannot wait to start burning my autumn candles but I just cannot do it when it still goes up to 75-80 degrees everyday.  Looking forward to getting more into the fall spirit in general and I think I'm on the way as I have been baking up a storm lately: red velvet chocolate chip cookies, caramel shortbread bars with chocolate, oatmeal cookies, nutella cookies and more.

What type of things do you do to get ready for fall?  Let me know in the comments or send me a tweet!  Thanks for reading and I hope you're loving Blogtober so far!  -Brit.  

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