When You Feel Mad At ALL Of Your Friends

I can't lie, there are times (just like this) when I feel mad at almost every single person I know.  Do you have those circumstances?  But while this is true, I sit here listening to Coldplay on the iHeart Radio Music Festival and I CANNOT stop thinking about them.  Maybe I'm exaggerating when I say 'every person I know.'  As a matter of fact, I am.  I know I'm only thinking about a handful of people because its almost impossible to feel this heartbroken right now about 'every single person you know.'

It's ACTUALLY amazing to think that this performance of 'A Sky Full of Stars' has brought me to the point where I feel like I can write about this.  I almost feel in tears because my life feels empty to not be able to speak to people I speak to on a daily basis multiple times.  I guess the point of this super simple post is just that if you are missing people in your life and you think about them so deeply, reach out to them.  If you're feeling angry, listen to an emotional song and reach out to them.

Chances are you haven't been talking to them because of something stupid anyway.  You never know what tomorrow will bring and it's important that you tell people that mean that much to you every single day.  Trust me, there is nothing more true.  I'll go on my way now.  Thanks for reading.  -Brit. 

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