The Purple Haze

 I had to beat a dead horse with these damn terrariums when I first made them, so you will happy to know that this post is about my nails.  NOT the terrariums.  Of course though, I had to at least include them into some of these photos.  Just sit back, relax and enjoy the purple amazement that is this color.

I thought the color was so underrated in my nail polish collection and I wanted to bring it back.  A friend of mine's favorite color is purple and I was NEVER into it that much.  He always used to tell me that he was obsessed with the color because it was different and most guys don't like it.  I thought it was an interesting explanation for his hue obsession but after he said that, I still didn't like the color.  All of a sudden for the past year or two though, I have been able to find a place in my *hEaRt* for the color.  I'm so weird, but sometimes you surprise yourself with things.

With a color that has a name like 'Funky Dunkey' you can't really be afraid of making a statement.  By no means is this a color for a serious business environment, I would say.  Something about it just pops on the nails.  I think even with lighter skin tones this looks awesome.  Normally coming off of summer my color would be a little darker so I would have another tone to report on but not this year.  I think the brilliance in the color of this formula is what makes it look great on any nail.

For some reason I just love the shade.  The application is great, I normally really like the brush on OPI polishes.  Do you?  I always do about three coats of any polish but this was only two.  I also find that OPI always dries lickety split.  I absolutely love the formula for that reason because as much as I have a passion for doing nails, I can't stand waiting for them to dry.  Send me a tweet and let me know if you love OPI.  This is quite a Halloween-y color, can you sense my excitement?  -Brit.

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