Terrariums Rock!

OH MY GOODNESS EVERYONE.  Stop the presses.  I cannot tell a lie, I have been dying to make a terrarium for the longest time now.  And I didn't want to make it based off of anyone else's tutorial, I wanted to make my own.  The only thing I googled in my pursuit of making these was just to see if there was anything that I HAD TO include (for the health, growth and development of the plants).  

This post is going to be definitely picture heavy because I want to inspire you guys to make your own, not tell you how to make it.  I'll offer some pointers but there really isn't one way to make these and thats the beauty of it all!  My original intention was to make my own and I want it to be the same for you.  

Here are some of the plants that I bought form my local Lowe's store.  I decided to go there because I know they have a HUGE garden center so I figured they would have at least a small section of succulents and definitely some other things that I could include and that I was going to need.  

These cacti are gorgeous.  The colors are so wonderful and vibrant.  I wasn't thinking seasonally about the hues at all but these are gorgeous for the bright aspects of summer but also warm to bring in fall.  

Here are the succulents, a random palm plant and two others that I am not sure the names of.  I wish I had saved the containers that they came in, sadly I threw them away.  Next time I head back to pick up some more I will make sure to tell you all!  I am definitely planning on going back to get things to make another one for my best friend.  She recently got her first place thats her very own and I figured this would be a PERFECT housewarming present for her!  Plus, she knows how obsessed I am, she's been listening to me talk about terrariums for the past month, so she's probably expecting one at this point.  

Sorry for the blur of this photo but I just wanted to show you that I picked some stones from my backyard to put in this terrarium.  I think its absolutely ridiculous to think that I would have to buy stones from the store.  Even if you don't have stones in your backyard, walk a little bit down the road and I would almost guarantee that you'll find some.  That's the beauty of this, you can find materials anywhere as you will see with the sand I also included in one of the terrariums I made.

I was basically in awe when I found this Miracle Grow potting mix that was specifically for cactus, palm and citrus.  Although I obviously wont be putting any citrus in my terrarium, I can feel free to experiment planting some if I wanted to.  On the other side of things, I have exactly what I need for the cactus and palm to last as along as possible!

As I referenced above, you can go out into the natural habitat and get the resources that you need to make it your own!  I am super lucky enough to live on the water and I am thankful for that.  We have a mini private beach below and I got some of the sand from there to include in the bottom of my terrarium.  When I was thinking out and planning how I wanted it to look, sand was a necessity.  

Here are the sand and the potting soil mixed together for the first layer.  

Here's the finish product from a birds eye view of the first terrarium I made!  What do you think?

How gorgeous is this palm plant?  When I saw it on the shelf I knew it was a bit too big and probably going to be a challenge, but I wanted to get my hands on it anyway.  I actually was so proud when I found a way to make it work.  When I was shopping around for my second jar to use, this one was perfect to house the palm plant.  

I really hope you guys got inspired by my terrariums!  I seriously think this is the most calm, cathartic project to do!  I did it over the Labor Day weekend and it was just so fun.  You are totally open to do whatever you want with it and make it your own.  I absolutely love how both of them came out.  Just for some takeaways: I would definitely like to make one of a different shape next time, especially dealing with a bigger plant like the palm plant so it doesn't look so much like it's pushing that red cactus plant.  I still love the way it looks, but that's just the way I would approach it next time.  Also, I LOVE how the soil looks piled a little bit higher in the second terrarium with the red cactus.  Next time I think I'll use some sand and maybe layer it differently to get a similar look.

Let me know what you think!  Have you guys done this before?  Send me some photos on Twitter or leave a comment below.  Also, if you live in the South/Central New Jersey are and know where to get some awesome succulents, let me know!  I have Googled a little and found some places to check out but I want to know if my fellow Jerseyans have any suggestions.  Thanks for reading!  -Brit.

EDIT 9/28/14:

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