Growing a Garden of Cacti and Succulents!

As you know, I have been obsessed with the whole terrarium thing lately.  I don't think I have to re-explain that one.  I have literally been all over the internet at the couple of surrounding towns trying to find places to go that will sell succulents to buy and cool looking cacti.  There are a couple of places close to me that are supposed to carry some awesome succulents so I cannot wait to get there to try some but for now these great ones from Lowes are going to have to do.  

Since my last post, I visited Lowes again to check out the selection.  Upon first walking in, I didn't see anything and I got worried because I thought the succulents and cacti had gone 'out of season' or something.  I carried on looking though and found a HUGE section of amazing looking ones inside!  I was so happy because they were even better looking ones than last time so I took FULL advantage.

As you can see here, the top cactus is a beautifully vibrant orange.  I thought this was perfect for the fall coming up.  I don't know why I feel the necessity to match the color with the season but as you will soon see, I didn't do that for everything.  Orange is my favorite color though so when I saw this one, I just could not pass it up.  On the left, that succulent is apparently called 'E.T.'s Fingers.'  I thought that was so hilarious and I just generally LOVED the look and color of them.  Take a closer look:

How stunning is this orange?  Absolutely beautiful:

Tbqh, I don't know what this next succulent is called and I completely forgot to look it up.  I love the speckled look of it though because it brings something different and it's not as 'traditional looking:'

Another thing I wanted to mention is that as you can tell, I decided to put these in mason jars.  They look absolutely adorable!  This was not my original plan though as I had wanted to put them in one long glass, rectangular shaped planter.  (Not sure if you know what I'm talking about so let me insert a picture).  This one is from Crate&Barrel and looks a little darker than normal glass, I would want normal glass, but I think it just looks this way because of how it was photographed.  I mainly wanted you to understand the shape I wanted.  I really wanted to line up the plants because I love that look.  I was unfortunately unable to find literally ANYTHING like this anywhere near me and I'm not keen on order glassware online.  Really sucks but I decided to go with mason jars for the ones I've planted so far and I don't hate it!  We will see what happens with the others I have left to plant...

How STUNNING is this color?  Amazing!  This is what I mean about not always matching the colors with the seasons.  I don't always and this is a perfect example of it.  I couldn't pass up the color and the name of this specific one is 'Gymnocalycium mihanovichii Hibotan.'  A mouthful for sure!

This one is so interesting!  I saw it and HAD TO HAVE IT as soon as I saw it.  It is a Cactus Strawflower called 'Golden Barrel/Echinocactus grusonii.'  These names though!

Not sure if you were able to see on the 'Still to plant' photo but I got the E.T.'s Fingers for $1!  I was so excited about it.  Although these plants are pretty inexpensive, it never hurts to see whats on the sale planter, they usually have a bunch of things over there!  Not to mention, you might get inspiration for making something else!  After all, I did go from making a terrarium to putting random cacti in mason jars and I am NOT MAD AT IT thank you very much, lol!  

Have you done this?  I can't wait to see what I actually decide to do with the other plants that I haven't sorted out yet.  Hopefully one of the planters that I want actually shows up somewhere around me.  If you have any suggestions on where I can get one, please let me know!  Send me a tweet or leave me a comment and thank you so much for reading as always!  Talk to you soon.  -Brit.  

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