Reasons (Mostly Related to Fashion) Why I'm Excited For The Cold Weather, Because I Hate The Cold Weather Itself

As August graces us with its presence, I can't help but think about how close fall really is.  I bet you're thinking the same thing.  I don't know, there's just something about the Back to School section coming out in Target and the Bath and Body Works in your area coming out with the fall candle line.  Blogs coming out with their 'Fall Clothing Haul and Outfit Ideas,' and Starbucks teasing the Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  Sidebar: I hate PSL's, gross.  

I figured, in the name of fashion, I would show you a couple of reasons that I just cannot wait for the the fall to arrive.  I was going through some old photos and I found some outfits that I love and cannot wait to wear again.  There seemed to be a theme of burgundy that I was obsessed with last season and I can definitely imagine that coming back for another round this season.  I'm not hating.  Let's get started.

Outfit #1: Burgundy tights, a tight black skirt and a white bat-winged sweater with black boots.  Is there really anything else in the world that makes you happier during the fall when it comes to styling?  This is the easiest thing to style to look effortlessly chic and I full well plan on turning to it this year.  

Outfit #2: Another simplistic approach and little more casual than the first.  I can see myself spending some weekends in this outfit.  Jeans, cute sneakers from H&M, a black tee and a cardigan from Forever 21.  Doesn't get anymore basic than this.  I threw on my MK because we all know I can't live without.  

Outfit #3: I have since deemed this shirt horrifically ugly but this combined with the next combination of shirts I have just gets me so incredibly excited for the holiday season and fall/winter.  I know it's grossly early to be thinking about this but I can't help it.  This is a post about what I can't wait for right?  Well then, there YOU GO.  

Outfit #4: This gets me even more excited than the one before.  As I said, I can't stand that shirt anymore but this just gets me pumped for Christmas.  I remember wearing this outfit to the office the day before Christmas and it just got me in such a spirit.  The green oxford is from Old Navy and the maroon sweater is from H&M.  They are both basics that I know you probably all have in your closet.  Of course too, there's my watch.  My hair is obscene, but then again it is in all of these photos.  Most of the time it's just too cold to really do anything with my hair.  The only reason I end up doing anything with my hair in the first place is to warm myself up with the straightener.  -_____- #lazygirlproblems 

Outfit #5: Last but not least with the outfits is this gem.  Ugh, this is my favorite.  This little frock that I got from forever 21 like forever ago just makes me so happy.  I feel like this was meant for fall.  I wore it once in the summer but I just felt like it belongs in the cooler weather.  I mean look at the colors!  I love the way I paired it with the maroon tights which are so comfortable, warm and gorgeous and let me just NOT EVEN START talking about these booties.  I know you can barely see them here but they are these that I got from Aldo not too long ago.  ~*Let us stop for a minute, take it in, and appreciate that beautaaaaay*~  Okay, proceed.  I just love this outfit combo.  Please ignore the million shopping bags and Friends on in the background.  ;)

Non-Fashion Fall Fun

NFFF #1: This is just something I can't live without in the fall/winter.  Whenever the weather gets colder I am always the one to hang up Christmas lights.  There's something about the lights that just make me feel so much warmer.  What you don't know about this photo is that there's totally a candle burning to the left of my computer screen and this was taken from bed.  I'm so cuddly and happy.  

NFFF #2: This is technically about fashion people.  You know you do the same thing.  Can you tell what it is just from looking at the photo?  BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING.  I honestly cannot believe I'm writing a post about this already, but I just can't help it.  Look at all those savings that are cutting off the circulation on my arm!  Lord Jesus, maybe this year I will actually take the time to write about what I purchase on my blog.  Looks like here I hit up all the basic white girl spots: H&M, Forev, ON, VS & AE.  Don't blame me, I just cannot be stopped when it comes to Black Friday shopping.  I'm not alone, I know it.  

Are you excited for the colder weather for anything other than the colder weather?  Share your rationale with me in the comments or in a tweet.  I'd love to hear what your thoughts are.  I cannot wait to get out and purchase those fall candles but I think I'll give it a little more time.  I'd never wish summer away any sooner than it would stay.  If it was 90 degrees all the way through the holiday season, I'd be so happy it's unreal.  That's the whole point of this post.  K, bye for now.  -Brit.     

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