My Nighttime Routine

I feel like every time I read something like this it's always the same.  There are a billion products that people use and a super long process.  My process takes absolutely no time so I wanted to show you my night routine.  

Step #1: Bathroom Candle

I have a very old, vintagy bathroom.  The house that I live in right now is very old-style as there were never really many renovations made to it.  It's not my favorite but I tend to enjoy it because it reminds me of houses in a small beach town or a cottage or something.  I don't know why I decided to preface this step with that, but I did.  For some reason I love lighting candles in the bathroom.  Especially when it's a cute, adorable candle that matches with the aura of the room.  Not only does it make the space thats known for smelling weird, smell good, but also just adds a relaxing vibe to your entire attitude.   

Step #2: Clarisonic Time

I had to take two pics because I wanted to make sure you all could bask in the amazingness.  First lets start with that print.  Yes, I know, thank you.  Adorable!  Secondly, let's talk about the brush head.  I've written about this before but it is absolutely fantastic.  The Luxe brush head is great for many reasons: it is so incredibly soft, it makes you feel like you've been in the spa all day and it's excellent for sensitive skin.  I definitely want to try out some other brush heads in the future so I can't wait to do that.

#3: Toothbrush Tasks

This is pretty standard with almost everyones night routine, I'm sure.  This toothbrush is literally just the Up&Up brand from Target, nothing special.  I absolutely love this one because the brussels are not too soft and just enough.  I can't stand toothbrushes that are soft because it feels like they do nothing for your teeth.  Have you heard otherwise when it comes to a choosing a toothbrush?  I know I've heard that soft is actually good but I just cannot stand it for some reason.

#4: Shower Time

I did an I'm With The Brand post about Clean&Clear because I love it so much, this product is nothing different than that.  I just love the morning burst face wash and ~*iRoNiCaLlY*~ I use it at night.  I know Clean&Clear do a night formula, but this one just makes me happy, so I always use it!  The eos Shave Gel stinks.  I can't lie, I just don't like it.  I don't favor the scent and I don't really think it does anything special for the shaving experience.  Buy something else for the $4, not this.  

You may be wondering why I have THREE razors in my shower.  To be honest, I kind of do and kind of don't really know why.  I have always used the Bic disposable razors because I like the result they gave me but being that my skin is severely sensitive and has been getting worse as the years go on, I decided to try something different.  This brings me to the blue one in the middle, Schick Hydro Silk razor which is ABSOLUTELY brilliant.  I will go further into detail about this razor soon.  The one all the way on the left was another one that I tried that I didn't like as much as the one in the middle, but it was Schick as well.  I don't like to shave, but the feeling of smooth legs overtakes the laziness of not wanting to shave, so I basically always do when I'm in the shower.

Shampoo and conditioner are obviously a necessity in everyone's shower stall.  At the moment I'm all about the old school Herbal Eseences.  I am so happy they brought these back within the past year or so because they make me so happy.  To be honest, I think HE has gone a little overboard with some of the newer more modern scents that they've put out more recently.  I like these plain ones and the effect that it has on my hair isn't so bad either.

My two most recently body washes are as basic as they get.  Up&Up pomegranate and lemon verbena and Softsoap Coconut Scrub.  I'm a little annoyed at the Softsoap because it really doesn't smell anything like coconut and that makes me sad.

#5: After Shower Power

On days and occasions where I feel like my hair has just seen better days, I apply this Well Oil Huile.   I really enjoy this oil for a couple of reasons: the bottle is my favorite colors, the smell is delightful and it's rather light.  It's always nice to have a rather light oil for your hair just to ensure that it's not overkill.   

These are obviously for use if I had been wearing makeup that day.  Some days I just don't feel like wearing makeup and that's totally okay.  When I dare to bare mascara and all, I use these removal wipes because they are perfect for nighttime calming.  The smell is lovely and it actually does get you so relaxed and ready for a chill night and a great sleep.  

I've spoken about these products in depth on a couple of occasions.  The Ultra Repair Cream is definitely for application everyday for me.  I love the way it sinks into my skin with no worry that it will irritate.  The Detox Eye Roller has given me liiiiiife.  Honestly, it has taken away some of my dark circles and that makes me happier than you could ever imagine, as I have had dark circles for a long time.  

Sometimes I use a toner from Clean&Clear, but not all of the time.  I should get into a better practice of using that more often.  For some reason, I reserve the toner for the fall time?  Why is that a stigma?

For some reason, I like to apply deodorant before bed.  I honestly think its the wierdest thing ever to apply it before you go to sleep, but I do it anyway.  I mean, you know you're clean, why do you need it for overnight?  I don't know, I do it anyway.  I've been taking a like to this one from Secret lately.  

Thanks for reading my nighttime routine!  Let me know in the comments or in a tweet if yours is similar or different, I would love to know.  This is so simple and most of it is what you should probably be doing everyday anyway!  Forget all those complicated steps with serums and craziness, this is perfect for me.  What products do you think I just must try?  Thanks for reading!  -Brit.  

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