Fun Links on Friday, 8/1!

I haven't posted a Fun Links on Friday in so long!  I figured, being that it's Friday, I would bring it back this weekend.  The links are heavy on the videos this week, but I'm not mad at it!  As you will see, the topics actually range this week.  Chances are, if you follow me on Twitter you may have already seen most of these, but I wanted to share them here too.  So, let's get started!

Beauty Marks by Mr. Kate

Now you didn't have to be following me on Twitter to hear about this first link this week.  I actually wrote about these metallic tattoos in a post earlier but I just had to feature them again because I couldn't be more obsessed with them.  These specific ones are from Mr.Kate but there are a ton out there.  Although I love real tattoos, I would never get them in the summer, so I would use these instead!  They are just so magical looking and so much fun to show your personality with.  Have you tried it?  

Deborah Lippmann's Lipstick Video

I feel like I got a good sense of what it would be like to be friends with DL this week!  I've seen videos that they've posted to her YT channel before, but the videos posted about her lipstick line this week just seemed so adorable!  She was explaining the collection and you could just sense the passion she has for the products.  Not only this, but I enjoyed learning more about the line and her as a brand!  I love her polishes anyway, they always make me so happy.  Perhaps my next DL purchase will be a lipstick!

'Face Balls' with Jimmy Fallon and Julia Roberts

I normally am not the person to go for this type of stuff, but this was hilarious.  I'm not even the biggest Julia Roberts or Jimmy Fallon fan but sometimes the things he posts make me laugh hysterically and this one had me rolling on the floor laughing.  No joke.  If you've ever wanted to see someone who acts so perfect in most of her roles get a huge plastic ball thrown in her face in slow motion with Jimmy Fallon on the other end, you are in the right place.  Definitely watch this if you need a good laugh.

Jessie J Rehearsing Bang Bang 
(Casually On Set of The Music Video)  

Stop everything you're doing and go watch this video.  It's no secret that Jessie J has been my favorite for a really long time and I cannot wait for the rest of the world to see and realize it.  Bang Bang is definitely one of the songs of the summer as it has two of my QUEENS in it, Ariana Grande and Jessie J.  Nicki Minaj is on the song too, so thats awesome!  I just love this video though because its acoustic randomly (it looks like) in the back of an alley on set.  I just cannot get enough.  She's SO talented.

I hope you've liked this weeks Fun Links On Friday!  What links have I been missing?  There are a ton of things I read all of the time, but they aren't suitable for my blog.  I have been struggling with a way to incorporate more of what I read with my opinion on here.  I might start up another blog, but we will see!  Tweet me a link that you think I've missed this week and thank you so much for reading!  -Brit.  

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