Keyboard, Beauty Marks and Mythical Beasts?

Now I surely don't want you to just think I'm constantly wanting things.  While this is true, every once in a while there are a few things that accumulate in my mind's wish list and I talk about them here!  My last post was a few things that I couldn't stop thinking about and this one is going to be the same. 

Not too long ago, I was introduced to Charles & Keith.  I can't tell you from where (probably some online website like StyleCaster or Refinery 29) but I just cannot stop checking them out!  I know I just got a bunch of shoes from Aldo so I don't plan to make any other purchases until fall, but these seem so cute to me.  For that reason though, I probably wont be making this purchase.  Most likely this will remain on my wish list.  Who knows though, we'll see!  Charles & Keith, Pointed flats $46

Okay.  I guess it's time for me to proclaim my love for GMM on the blog.  If you follow me on Twitter you will know how obsessed I am with Rhett and Link but I am pretty sure that this is the first time I'm mentioning it here.  What better way to start my mornings than with an episode and a cup of coffee in my Good Mythical Morning Mug.  #Happiness  Good Mythical Morning Mug $12

My obsession with tattoos is real.  I don't believe I have talked about them on the blog (at least not in depth).  Being that tattoos can really get extremely expensive, I guess this is the next best idea other than Henna.  I like the idea of these BeautyMarks because I think the shapes provided are super adorable (aside from the animal head, I'm not really into it).  I love the idea of the so called 'metallic tattoo' that you can just put on for the weekend and wash off, or take better care so it stays longer.  Would you guys try these?  I think they're adorable!  Mr. Kate, BeautyMarks $12

I'm not sure if I ever explained the incident when I spilled liquid on my original keyboard that I got with my iMac.  But I did and I am not happy about it all. To get by, I have been using a wireless GE one that I got from target for about $15-$20. I really don't like it at all but to be honest, I don't want to spend a million dollars on another one.  I recently found this one for $60 from Logitech and I love it!  I think it's pretty awesome that it's solar, thin and Mac conducive. Logitech, Wireless Solar Keyboard $60

Thanks for tagging along once again!  Have you tried/do you own any of these things?  Let me know on Twitter or leave me a comment.  I hope you've had a great weekend, talk to you soon!  -Brit.

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