Jersey Shore Pirate Adventures!

Have you ever wanted to become a pirate yourself?  I bet the answer to that is, "Absolutely, yes!"  I know for me it most definitely is.  I  love being on the water and I myself (as a 24 year old) find pirates to be so interesting, so when I heard about this I definitely wanted to give it a try.  Of course I had to find a reason to go and do it because it's for children (lol).  I have known about this adorable little venture for a couple of years now but didn't even think about how it would be perfect to take my cousin along for the ride!  I thought it would be a perfect little summer activity for him.  When my aunt saw it, she was definitely on board (see what I did there?  Kinda..) and off to sea we went!  Come along on the adventure with us, Ahoy Maties!

The first order of business was getting tattoos.  When I heard this, I was stoked.  I thought this was such an adorable and cute little way to get into the spirit.  We jumped right into this picnic table set up and got tattoos from Finn.  Of course you know my Aunt had to get one.  I got one too, don't judge.  Starfish and anchors for the win.  Thanks Finn!


This 'I'm the Captain now' wheel picture taking spot was super adorable for the kids.  There were a ton of kids chomping at the bits to get a photo.  After dressing up like a pirate (they give you a treasure chest full of pirate garb to chose from), how could you not take a photo!?  Here's Eagle Eye Ean getting his shot at it.  Oh!  I forgot to mention, they give the kids little nick names, fit for a pirate on a ship!  So adorable.  ARGHHHH, Eagle Eye Ean at your pirate service!

After photo taking, tattoo getting and nick name receiving, it was time to hang out and wait for the ship to leave the dock.  Here's my aunt and cousin hamming it up for the camera as we wait.  Momentarily, the ship started coming in from the earlier crew that was out to sea.  

When the ship docked, it was time to get on!  First thing I noticed were these water cannons on the side.  I thought they were such a cute little touch but little did I know that the kids were going to be able to shoot them!  It's little details like this that made the kids more involved in the entire experience.  

Once in a while Finn had to rally the kids and get them back to the bow for some pirate debriefings.  These debriefings included important things like finding secret treasure on a map he had and fishing secret little packages out of the water that may or may not have contained Pirate's Grog!

Once in a while Captain Scurvy made his way up to the bow to deliver a message to the little pirates.

Here's the kids shooting the water cannons, adorable!  They were practicing for when the enemy comes to attack them.  They didn't need much practice though, because the enemy didn't stand a chance.

This part was probably my favorite!  How cute were the kids each getting on a water cannon and trying to douse the enemy?  When it comes to protection, the pirates weren't letting The Sea Gypsy II down!

Finally, X marks the spot on the map became a reality!  The kids spotted the treasure floating around.

My aunt and I of course had to get in on the picture taking action.  After all, we were having a good time too!  Captain Scurvy noticed that Ean was the oldest of the group and he offered Ean a chance to  be Captain for a moment.  He LOVED every second of this, as you can tell!

At the end, the mini pirates took a photo together.  After drinking some Pirates Grog and getting their treasure from the chest they fished out of the water, they were happy!  I'm sure you can sense the enthusiasm.  Swords in the air on three.. 1, 2, 3!

Overall this was an adorable experience for the kids!  As you can probably tell from most of the photos, Ean was the oldest one there.  With that being said, he still had an amazing time and was so thankful for the experience (he was talking about it all day afterwards).  If I had to choose what I thought were his favorite parts, it would be the nick names and being Captain.  He loved that.  I would recommend bringing your child to this at any age (younger than 11-12)!  Most of the kids on the ship we sailed out with were probably eight and under, so if bringing kids any older, maybe bring along a friend.  

Jersey Shore Pirate Adventures offers not only multiple sailing times per day, but birthday parties as well.  The Pirate Cruise is $19 per person for everyone 3 and older, $12 for kids 2 and under.  The crew was exceptional with the kids and so fun to interact with.  Not only this, but they made hilarious jokes for the parents and family members to stay involved and have a good time as well.  This is such an inexpensive, fun activity for the kids!  Check out their website for more information.

Have you been to the Pirate Cruise if you're in the area?  What have your experiences been?  If you haven't seen it already, check out my blog post about our other adventure at the Camden Aquarium!  Send me a tweet or leave me a comment of fun things you're doing where you live this summer.  -Brit.

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