I'm With The Brand: First Aid Beauty

Guess who's back with a brand new.. blog post?  That was my sad attempt at being cool I guess.  Well anyway, here is my next post in the 'I'm With The Brand Series,' following my first with Clean and Clear.  When I find something I like, I usually stick with it for a long time when it comes to skin care.  I don't like to really dabble in much being that I have some of the most sensitive skin out there.  As I have explained many times before, my skin is next-level sensitive and there are basically many things that I cannot use which makes me so unhappy.  Also, this winter I had eczema on my face and it was TERRIBLE.  

This post focuses on First Aid Beauty!  I absolutely LOVE this brand for so many different reasons.  For one, the brand is SO easy to find.  You can buy it obviously anywhere online and in Sephora, etc.  There has only been one time where I couldn't find my moisturizer that I use from this brand and when I couldn't, the beauty advisor told me to try the Ultra Repair Cream and it worked like a charm.  Obviously the reason for me not finding the moisturizer was because they were just simply out of it and I didn't want to wait by ordering it online.

Starting with the Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask, I have to say that I am so surprised at what it has done for my face.  Being that I normally am a pretty big fan of face masks, I picked up this one knowing that it would be especially great for my sensitive skin.  I remember grabbing this one from Sephora in, I would say, March.  That being said, we were just starting to kind of enter the territory of spring, but still freezing cold weather and my face was still acting up.  That was absolute perfection for doing the job of clearing up my face, while remaining extra gentle.  I continue to use it now (as my face has completely cleared up) and it really helps thoroughly clean and soften the skin.

The face cleanser is super awesome.  I know I have spoken about this cleanser in a video that I filmed on my YouTube channel before talking to you guys about it.  I love it for an everyday cleanser because it works perfectly for my Clarisonic and for days that I feel too lazy to even use my Clarisonic.  This makes me very happy.  Also, I have to mention it again but it does wonders for sensitive skin.  And by 'doing wonders for sensitive skin' I actually mean it does nothing.  As in, it doesn't break you out in a rash, irritate your skin/eyes or the surrounding areas or anything else like that.  Check plus in my book!

Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer.  Where do I start with this?  This was the first FAB product that I tried because I was in search of a perfect moisturizer that I could use on my skin during the colder months that was good enough for sensitive skin.  Now, even in the warmer months, I still use it.  This is definitely my new go-to facial moisturizer.  Although sometimes I do apply it in the morning, I am more accustomed to applying it at night and then waking up with a stunningly soft feeling face.  LOVE IT.

The Anti-Redness Serum is something that I never really considered using before to be honest.  I figured though that if I was going to try it out, this would be the brand to do so and I could not be happier that I did.  I have to say, it was such a strange sensation on the skin, but when I applied it and after 30 seconds, everything was perfectly fine.  It does take a while to see a difference with this product but I don't hate it for that!  If there was something from the line that I don't plan on repurchasing, it would be this.  Not because I hate it, but because I don't think it's absolutely necessary.

The Ultra Repair Cream is probably my second favorite in the line.  I don't know, it's a close second with what I will talk about next.  As I mentioned when I was talking about moisturizer in the intro, I stumbled upon this product in the line because I was looking for the moisturizer in Sephora and they didn't have it at the time.  I needed something else and I trusted this brand, so the beauty advisor told me to that essentially this formula is just thicker than the regular moisturizer but has most of the same ingredients in it.  After speaking with her some more and asking a few more questions, her assurance was enough for me to purchase and she was absolutely right!  I am thrilled to have this as a backup moisturizer.  I haven't use it anywhere other than on my face but perhaps I will try it on my legs!

The Detox Eye Roller is something I have never tried before.  This is wierd because there are tons of products that come in roller ball form, but I have just never tried them.  When I heard about this dark circle offering from the brand I knew I had to try it immediately.  Something for sensitive skin that was a solution to the debauchery that is dark circles is *eVeRyThInG* to me.  I have been using the product for the past month pretty consistently and I have seen a difference!  I have to say, it is a slow process, but I have actually seen a difference and that makes me happy.  If I was even more diligent with it, I would probably see that happening a little faster.  But hey, what can I say #lazygirlprobs.  I am really happy with this though for the progress it's given me (I have severe dark circles under my eyes) and the cooling sensation underneath your eyes is interesting too, it wakes you up in the morning.  Love this!

Overall, I would definitely recommend checking out First Aid Beauty, 100%!  I will be using their products for a very long time and would say to you that you should as well.  I cannot wait to give more of their products a try and I will sure let you know what I think when I do.  Have you ever tried FAB products?  What am I missing?  Send me a tweet or let me know in the comments if you have!  -Brit.

PS- Fun fact.  While I was photographing these products, it was very windy on the water and they kept falling over, lol.  Very difficult but you know.  #BloggerProbs .. we've all been there.  

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