Gel Manicure #3: Update

As you know, I have recently 'found the light' in gel manicures.  Although I haven't written anything about my second one, I wanted to definitely document this one because it's the best one yet.  Perhaps I will continue showing you each manicure I get, because I do plan to get some cool stuff when the holidays start coming around. 

When I saw this color on the color wheel in the salon, I automatically fell in love with it, but I wasn't sure I wanted to get it.  I was torn between this 'rust orange/red' color and the one I actually chose.  I decided to wait with the rusty color until at least August.  I didn't want to rush the fall or anything.  #SummerForever

As you may be able to realize, there are fine glitters in the polish that are yellow.  Combined with the pink it almost looks green and it is absolutely beautiful.  I like this color because I wanted something interesting but subdued at the same time.  You might be thinking, 'Uhhhh, that's not subdued,' but it actually really is.  The only time the glitter picks up is when it hits the sun or direct light, other times it just looks like a really nice pink color.  

Another thing you might be able to notice that my nails are growing DRASTICALLY from where they were three weeks ago.  Now that I have gel nails, I constantly feel the necessity to massage my cuticles.  This is really wierd sounding but it's completely true.  For some reason I guess I try to convince myself that it will make them grow and it just feels good.  So far so good I would say.

Have you guys tried gel manicures since I last wrote about them?  Let me know in a tweet or leave a comment below.  I would definitely suggest this color over my last two, I enjoy it.  -Brit.

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