The Lucky 7 Tips On Life As A ~*20 sOmeTHinG*~

I just this morning was reading things online and it got me to thinking about life as a 20 something.  I literally hate when people use the term '20 something' so it pains me to write this but I must admit there are some things that need to be said about growing up as a 20 something.  *For lack of better descriptive words.*

Now to be honest, these are probably things that not everyone is going to agree with and that's fine, but growing up the way I did was completely different than anyone else I know and that will reflect.  I've never quite given an explanation of my childhood but I don't really plan to.  Let's just say it was nothing to write home about, very difficult and unfortunately something that I probably wish I could forget.  The only good memories I have I am so thankful for and have my father to appreciate for that.

Moving on, I think today's reflections have a lot to do with the way I was brought up and the way I continue to live my life as a 20 something in the modern day.  With that being said, let's get started.

#1: Putting Family First
I was always someone who put family first, I picked up these values from my father.  I have a small family and not everyone is constantly in communication.  As a now 20 something, this kills me to no end.  As a small child, things have happened in my family that I have had no control over.  I know what you're thinking, 'Brittany, go out and live your life, party, have a good time, family will always be there' and yes that is great.  While I hear what you're saying, it goes a lot deeper.  While you're family will always be there for you, cherish every second you have with them.  Don't spend every waking moment of your life ditching your family to spend time with friends that might not be there for you tomorrow.  Cherish every moment you have with the people that mean the most to you whether they are your family by blood or your family by choice.  As you get older, especially while you're in your 20's, you'll never realize how much time with the family makes you feel.  A lot of times people my age totally overlook familial events, important milestones, birthday's and other awesome stuff for some party or bar a friend is going to and that's a mistake that I can assure you you wont be happy about making.

#2: Toxic-Free Zone
Please.  I am begging you.  Cut out ALL toxic relationships in your life.  When I tell you there is NO ROOM for it, there really is not.  I don't care if you have a toxic relationship with a goldfish, flush it.  I know that might sound harsh, but it's true.  In order to be your best self, you must be happy.  In order to be happy, you must be at least somewhat zen.  Notice I didn't say stress-free.  Please always note that people's lives are not perfect.  There is never going to be a day that goes by sans flaw and I mean it.  That being said, you can still cut out all the toxic relationships that may bring you those results.  Doing so will yield you more 'me time,' more calm and less stress.  The more you tend to accept yourself, the better quality of life you'll be living and the less amount of toxic relationships you have, the more time you have to discover yourself.  Also, the longer you carry around negative baggage, the longer you'll feel like a shittier version of you.  Yes, I just used the word shittier.

#3: Embrace What Makes You Happy
For me, it's spending time with my family, bonding with my close couple of friends, and shopping.  These are the three things in life that make me the most happy.  I can't lie, if you throw a great glass of wine and a Margherita pizza in there it cannot hurt.  For some reason, nothing's as a good on a Friday night.  For my fellow girls that like to shop and can't find the extra time/money, I hear you.  Even if it means going out and buying yourself a new toothbrush, a couple bobby pins or a new drainboard for next to the sink, it makes all the difference in the world just knowing you made a silly little purchase.  If you're just about ready to tell me to shut the hell up because the only thing that makes you happy is traveling or a Louis Vuitton and you just can't afford it?  I hear you.  Scale back and do smaller scale versions of those things.  Plan a staycation or go to the beach for the day.  No beach?  Head outdoors and take a walk, it's much more freeing than you think.  Not in the mood to drop a pretty couple of bills on an LV this time around?  You would be surprised at all of the ADORABLE Target sells.  Trust me.

#4: Cherish The Most Important Relationships Around You
It's so easy to get wrapped up in all of the people we have in our lives, especially as 20 somethings.  Let's face it, we're starting new careers, traveling, potentially starting a relationship that could result in marriage, dating, etc.  Regardless, it's all about the people we meet and the company that we keep.  Aside from family, our friends and company do help shape us.  I never used to believe people when they said 'You are the company you keep," but now I find it so true in my 'older years.'  I can count on less than one full hand who my close friends are and I would not have it any other way.  I love spending time with the people that I chose to, it feels so good knowing that I have grown, mature, fun relationships with my friends.  I would rather spend all of my time making memories that last forever with five people, than spread my time thin making obligations to a million people.  This is not to say that having a lot of people in your life is a bad thing.  I know a ton of awesome people!  Say people again.  PEOPLE.

#5: Commuting To Work/School IS A-Okay
I can't tell this to people enough: it is 100% okay to be a commuter.  This might sound so weird to be saying but I think it's something that a lot of people overlook.  I can't tell you how much money I saved commuting to college.  Also, when you move on in your life and start the career of your dreams, commute a little first before you move out for good!  Not only will you save money living with a parent or family member for a little bit longer, but the adventure is 3293209320% worth it!  You will learn so much about what it's like to be on time, gain valuable responsibility in carrying out your obligations, and much more than you could ever bargain for.

#6: Don't Be Afraid To Stand Up For What You Believe In
This defines itself.  Take on challenges, do what you never thought was possible, stand up for what you believe in.  This world would be so boring if you just sat at home and believed in nothing.  Start that blog, attend that rally, write that letter to a local senator, make that phone call.  You really can do ANYTHING that you set your mind to and in your 20s is a perfect place to start.

#7: Don't Be Afraid To Ask Your Parents For Help
Seriously!  Now if anyone knows what it's like to live with a single parent, it's me.  I've told you guys about this before.  With that though, it's also no secret to you that my father is my best friend and I am so thankful for this relationship.  I am very lucky that throughout my whole life I was told that if there was anything bothering me, I could go to him in an instant.  Let me tell you something, I will bring that theory with me for the rest of my life.  As a 20 something, there are a lot of things that we will face now that could change our lives forever.  Having a parent right there by your side means all of the difference.  Like I said, I know (if anyone does) that not everyone has a perfect relationship (or one at all) with their parents and that's okay.  Whether you have an amazing aunt or uncle in your life (shout out to you Aunt K and Uncle S), or you lean on an amazing mentor's shoulder, it's all good.  Mostly likely, your parent probably couldn't be happier if you ask them for help in your 20s, the exact time when they feel like you've already forgotten them.

So there you have it.  The lucky seven tips I have for you on life as a 20 something.  I'm sure as I continue throughout the years, I will have more to add.  Will I have anything to take out?  Only time will tell but for now I couldn't imagine having this guide change.  Let me know your thoughts!  Send me a tweet or leave a comment below.  Thanks so much for reading.  -Brit.    

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