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It wasn't too long ago that I posted about how I have found so much serenity in cooking lately.  Well, I am here to say it again.  There is just something about it.  I really never thought I would turn into this type of person, but it just generally makes me so happy.  I think it's a combination of how calming the process is an how accomplished I feel when I have created something new for the first time.  Also, I think one of the biggest things is that I have never been great at cooking so to be making awesome dishes like this and succeeding is great.  

The first dish for today's post is this Chicken Schnitzel that Guy from Bondi Harvest made over on his YouTube channel not too long ago.  I was inspired by the recipe and I wanted to challenge myself. 

To try you'll need: Parmesan cheese, zest of a lemon, thyme, mint, parsley, bread crumbs, chicken, olive oil.  

I decided to buy a block of fresh parmesan and shave it myself at home for some added freshness.  What you basically have to do is combine all of the ingredients into a large mixing bowl.  After you've done so, try and flatten the chicken breasts as best as you can if you are unable to get the thinner ones (which was my situation).  Most grocery stores do sell a thinner chicken breast, but I had these on hand.  Also at this point, if you want to go ahead and put the chicken in flour and egg before the crumb mixture you can do that too, I decided to skip this step because I ended baking, not frying this schnitzel.  Overall I was thrilled with the result.  My dad and I were happy with the taste.  In Guy's video, he also made a tomato and basil salad to eat with the chicken.  Instead of making the salad, I decided to rest a beautiful slice of Jersey tomato on top of the chicken because I didn't have cherry tomatoes.  As you may have guessed, it was just as delicious.   Next time I make this I think I actually will go ahead and fry it.  I think it might make for a better, more interesting taste.  The way its intended to be eaten.    


The next dish I decided to try because I was so inspired by Laura in the Kitchen.  I have been obsessing over her videos lately.  I saw that she had made stuffed peppers with her mother in Italy and I wanted to try and follow that recipe the best that I could.  

To try you'll need: zucchini, squash, onion, tomato, garlic, olive oil, oregano, peppers, ground turkey/beef, rice, parmesan cheese, salt, pepper, one egg, bread crumbs.  

For something added, I decided to line the bottom of the pan with some beautifully colored zucchini, squash, tomatoes and onions.  That was the first step.  I then decided to go for the red peppers that I de-seeded and left to the side.  For the mixture, I used ground turkey, parmesan cheese, one egg to bind everything together, bread crumbs, slightly cooked rice, oregano, salt and pepper.  I also had a little more of the tomato and onion mixture that I put in the bottom of the pan that I decided to add into the stuffed pepper mixture.  Once that was completely combined, I stuffed each pepper very generously.  I cooked everything for about 40 minutes and we were so happy with the way they came out!  

 I hope you guys enjoy these spring/summery recipes that were inspired by some of my favorite YouTube chefs!  I know there is is still so much work to be done but I am just loving the progress.  I also have realized that ironically there are no photos of the done food!  (LOL).  I guess everyone is just loving everything too much.  I can't be mad at that I guess!  Next time I will try a little harder.  I have a few tricks down my sleeve to make sure that I get the photos I need for my post, let's just hope it works.  I hope you guys are starting to get inspired to cook too.  Let me know what you've been making in a comment below or send me a tweet!  Thank you so much for reading, talk to you soon!  -Brit.  

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