PPB to NYC, Part 2!

Sometimes the best part of a mundane work day can be the commuting.  Now after that sentence you might never want to read Waiting For The Internet ever again so let me explain myself.  Whether you drive on the parkway, hop on a bus, get on the train, explore the subways or any other method on travel, it's just something that you must do.  Getting to work is half the battle.  This is the exact reason I made this video.  I was so thankful to have such an amazing view when I was traveling into the city (New York) last year for my internship.  Being that I was having such a great time with that commute, I made a video highlighting a bunch of awesome sites on the way.  

I loved the video so much that I decided to make an updated version.  Taking this ride into the city doesn't seem like it will ever get old for me.  Of course there are times when there are delays, I can tell you a few horror stories about that, but the good almost always outnumbers the bad and I couldn't be happier about that.  Needless to say, whether the headphones are in listening to a podcast/playlist or I'm reading a book, I always take the time to look out the window.  This is the result: 

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