The Manicures of May: Triangular Pop of Purple

This is probably the easiest thing in the entire world but it makes it look like you maybe spent more time slaving away than other people think.  This is a bright pop of purple which is different for me, but I actually don't hate it.  

I never really was diligent in putting on a base coat, I can't lie.  Being that my nails have been incredibly healthy and strong lately, I took an interest in trying it just to fix up the visible cracks.

After the base coat, I opted for a rose gold color for the second layer of polish and for the color that will be visible as the triangle and other nails.  

Next, use a striping pen, nail art brush, a business card or anything else with a rigid edge/control to make a triangle shape.  You are going to want to make sure these lines are defined.

Next, fill everything in!  This is what your final product is going to look like.  If you want to, go ahead and add a couple more stripes or even a rhinestone at the point of the triangle.  You can get creative.  

Base Coat: Deborah Lippmann, Ridge Filler
Color #1: China Glaze, Get Poetic
Color #2: Sinful Colors, Fun Times

If you recreate this nail look, tweet me a photo!  I would love to see it.  As 'The Manicures of May' come to a close, it doesn't mean I wont be posting more!  -Brit.  

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