Springtime Candle Haul!

As the season changes, so does my desire to make my room smell like the 'Autumn' scent from Bath and Body Works.  Although I do love that scent, I really do reserve for the end of August until November at which point in time I change over to Twister Peppermint and Balsam for the winter.  I must admit, I am quite the candle snob.  Although those are some of my brief favorites, there are many other candles that I favor in between but now that it's spring, I am showing you some of my favorites for this glorious season.  


As you've I'm sure gathered from the above, the two places that I decided to indulge in candles in, are Wickit Good Candle Co. and Bath and Body Works.  As you also presume, Bath and Body Works is most definitely a place that I frequent.  First though, it this amazing local place called Wickit Good.  I love this shop!  I always see them at local festivals with their booth selling candles and then of course their location in Point Pleasant.  There's another location in Chester, NJ but I have never been.  

What's so special about the shop is that their candles are unique.  Unlike most other places, these candles are named after locations in New Jersey, which just generally makes me happy.  I find that sometimes candle companies just have the same scents that you can find anywhere else if they name them something different and that's not what happens here.  With Wickit Good, the candles are different names AND different scents.  Yes, some of the scents are similar to ones that are widely known, but most are different and that's what sets them apart.  The candle jars are adorable and come in a couple of different sizes.  A couple of things they carry include: jar candles, pillar candles, votive candles, tea light candles, pods, tarts, melters and floater candles!  There are plenty of options.  

As you can see I chose Namaste and Green Tea.  Both of these scents are so relaxing and they really make you feel zen (I actually plan to do a blog post on how to feel and stay zen soon).  I love burning these during the day or at night to kind of unwind from the day and make you feel calm.  The Green Tea candles smells EXACTLY like what it says, fresh Green Tea.  I love the scent, it's beautiful for spring.  Namaste is so different than anything I have ever smelled before.  Apparently Namaste, 'is made from the pure essence of Sandalwood; a warm, balsamic, woodsy and earthy fragrance that promotes a sense of well-being.'  The scent is really beautiful and I would most definitely recommend it because it too has a calming note and it's lovely to light when you're seeking calm relaxation.  

As you can see from the above photo, I couldn't wait to start burning Green Tea.  You can also see that I have burned so much because I burn candles all the time.  Please check out Wickit Good Candles here.  What's not to love about an awesome company with a sick name, too!?  Order some!


Just popping in now with some beautiful color from Bath and Body Works, you know I can't stay away from their scents.  What I like most about Bath and Body Works right now is that they are doing something different with the design of their jars.  For a couple of years they were always the same thing but now they are changing the fonts consistently and most of all they are designing the caps different with each new line.  I like it!  I picked up Wild Poppies (new scent that I'm trying), Pineapple Mango (an old favorite), Honeysuckle (love this, ultimate for spring), Springtime in Provence (a new favorite this year) and London Calling (another great new one).  

What have you been loving candle-wise?  Do you change with the seasons when it comes to scents?  I just cannot reckon the thought of burning a Balsam Fir candle in the heat of May!  Let me know what you think in the comments below and of course, send me a tweet.  Thanks for reading!  -Brit.  

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