No Kabosh On These Kabobs!

So I can't lie, I was inspired by the bamboo skewers that I found in my drawer when I went into it to get a straw to drink my green juice.  This cooking thing is starting to really get me going.  Honestly, I can't really believe it but it makes me so happy.  I don't remember whether I mentioned this on here or not, but pretty soon I am going to be writing a post on how I stay zen and I just might include cooking.


I know.  This is all very weird.  Basically, it's like a new relationship.  When you're in a new relationship, you take things slow right?  Or at least thats what you try to do.  That's exactly what I'm doing here.  I know that people normally say when you take it slow, sometimes it works better and from this newly formed relationship with food I can say that it's true.  

Tonight for dinner I made a chicken kabob.  About 10 of them actually.  My brother ate about seven and I, three because there are none left.  While I am thrilled that they were loved, I am upset that there are no leftovers.  Such woes.  

Being that my recent time has been spent scouring Pinterest and Honest Cooking for some interesting recipes to replicate and hope they turn out well, cheers to kabobs!

To try, you will need: Assorted peppers, onions, cilantro, lime, pepper, paprika, tomatoes, pineapple, chicken.

I first cut the chicken into cubes and started 'marinating it' in the cilantro, lime, pepper and paprika.  I say that loosely because it was only in the bowl 'marinating' for about 20 minutes.  Normally you should probably make sure that your skewers are soaking in water for a little bit before you assemble them, but I didn't have that time.  I rinsed them off and started assembling.  

These were divine.  Give them a try and let me know what you think.  Are you at the beginning of a beautiful relationship with food?  I would like to hear about it.  Tweet me!  -Brit.   

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