The Manicures of May: Fruity Friday!

So last year I tried doing a manicure a day in May or something like that and I would have tried to do it again this year but I completely forgot!  As much as I wanted it, May kind of still creeped up on us.  Don't you agree?  I felt inspired for some reason today to do a 'fruit-themed' manicure and this is the result.  There were a couple of ideas I had when I was planning and the design so check it out!

Have you guys been getting creative with your nail art at home lately?  I absolutely love doing this and I haven't in a while, so it felt good.  I always get creative with thinking about new things to include in the design, but occasionally you will see a common theme that makes it into all of them.  Apparently in this fruit-themed manicure I thought that blueberries needed to have a stem?  I don't know, there's really no explanation for it haha.  

I'm going to head out now and give my full attention to Benji from itsjudystime who is currently hosting a Google Hangout about Green Juice.  Yes, I am doing this on my Friday night.  I'm not even mad.  I hope you guys really enjoyed this fruit manicure.  It isn't as hard to recreate as it looks so take a look at what you see above and try it yourself!  If you do, tag me in it on Instagram or send me a tweet @brittanyirvine!  Thanks for reading and checking it out, talk to you all soon!  -Brit.  

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