Makeup Storage For The VIBs at Sephora! ;)

Let's face it: You're VIB Status at Sephora, you're CVS membership card gets you more Extra Care Bucks than you even know what to do with and you're the first person to order when MAC has free two day shipping.  It's okay, no need to explain yourself because we find ourselves in this position too. We're all a little bit addicted to makeup.  
With that comes organization and storage, which can be the least favorite part about loving makeup so much.  I'm no stranger to having blush compacts all over my dresser; I'll be the first to admit it.  To try and cap the mess a little bit though, I took to DIY-ing my own organization and storage, which has been probably the best decision I have made.  As far as top beauty tips go, we don't blame you if you share this one with every single person you know!
Tip 1:
  • Don't be afraid to use anything that you have on hand to store some of your makeup products, including candle jars from that 2/$22 Bath and Body Works sale that we know you purchased some candles at!

Tip 2:
  • All you need to do is rinse the candle jar.  To get the wicks out of the bottom, use a scissor to carefully loosen them from the glass.  After you have removed the wicks, remove the rest of the wax from the entire candle jar.  If you need more help with this and the wax is being stubborn, use nail polish remover (the acetone will lift the wax).  Be sure to rinse the entire candle jar so it is completely clean and voila!  You have yourself a new makeup storage container.  

Tip 3:
  • If you need more than just a few candle jars to store makeup, first of all: we don't blame you, then simply look around the house!  For instance, I found this fish bowl.  Now trust me, I know for a FACT it wasn't used.  With all of these glass jars on my dresser it looks like I have my very own makeup candy store.  It's adorable and makes for such a cute display.  

Tip 4:
  • Now this one is interesting.  How many palettes do you have?  I know that I have definitely purchased my fair share but these are the ones that I find myself dabbling into the most.  For that reason, I wanted to have them on display.  This is probably the easiest thing and you most likely have this hanging around the house: a mail/file organizer!  Use the mail/file organizer to display either all of your palettes or the ones you use the most so that they are easily accessible and out of the way!
All in all I would recommend doing what's right for your situation and your space at your own home.  I love this type of organization because it not only is practical, easy and inexpensive, but its adorable!  I know I have written/done a video on something like this before but I just HAD to share some photos and more in-depth explanations on how I do things here!  Send me a tweet and let me know what you do to store your makeup at your house!  Do you have any tricks for me?  I would love to see!  -Brit.  

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