A Beautiful Spring Day in the Beginning of April!

Today was an absolutely beautiful day all around.  The weather was fantastic and I think spring is finally here!  I am so happy to be able to welcome the warmer weather in my outfits, makeup and most of all.. outside!  Here's what I wore today as I gallivanted around town shopping and running some errands!  

My top is from Old Navy, the thank underneath is from Charlotte Russe, the jeans and shoes are from Forever 21, my wallet is from Target and I am wearing my Rose Gold Michael Kors that I got two years ago from my dad.  

I figured I would include my fantastic, full of calories breakfast, a delicious bagel.  We go to Barons Bagels which is right around the corner from where we live and these bagels are fantastic!  I also went to the mall and picked up a couple of things from Sephora including a Clarisonic brush head from the Luxe Collection that I have heard all about, a couple of Bath and Body Works Candles and a mask from First Aid Beauty.  I have been loving the line, as you all know, and figured that I would give a mask a try.  After all, my skin is slowly but surely getting back to normal with the weather getting warmer.  

What are you doing this weekend?  I can't wait to spend tomorrow doing laundry (said no one ever).  I just hope we have another awesome day tomorrow and another awesome week to follow, weather-wise.  Send me a tweet and let me know what you think and how your weather has been!  

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