Jade Is The New Black!

It has been raining a lot lately.  I guess the last couple of days of April are really taking advantage of the 'April showers bring May flowers' rule.  I'm not okay with this.  I really just wish summer temperatures would come and stay.  To make up for feeling the blues, I decided to paint my nails and toes green.  Whats the point in waiting for everything to turn green when you can just paint everything green, right?  Needless to say I took to my nail polish rack and chose Jade Is The New Black by OPI.  

I've written about OPI polishes on here before.  As you know, I always like to do about two coats of polish no matter what.  I think here I did three because sometimes I just prefer.  This particular color is pretty opaque so you don't have to worry about sitting there forever and getting it to come out the color it looks like it is in the bottle (like some other polishes I know you do).  This color just makes me really happy and brings a little color to these otherwise mundane days.  Here are a few photos:



I actually started with this color on my toes.  After I had the polish on my feet for about two weeks I said to myself, 'maybe I should just put that on my nails.'  Haha.  Please ignore the bandaid, I stepped on a piece of glass while volunteering with my dad a couple of weeks ago.  We were doing a stream clean-up and the glass went right through my boot and into my foot.  This did not make me happy as I am sure you could imagine.  I got that darling little ankle bracelet from a local boutique called Sunshine Daydream here in Point Pleasant.  I know its easy to make myself but I like it!  I got another piece from them as well that I will share with you soon.  Thanks for reading!  Make sure you send me a tweet & let me know what you've got on your nails/toes lately.  Talk to you soon!  -Brit.

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