Braids Galore!

Hi everyone!  Today I woke up earlier and I was thinking that I would go ahead and actually straighten my hair.  Sometimes I just wake up either too late to do something strategic/nice to my hair so I put it up or leave it natural but today was a different story.  

So when i got up, I plugged my straightener in and went to brush my teeth, while I was brushing I was running my hands through my hair and naturally (this always happens) my hair was still wet.  I have thick hair so this happens all of the time.  With that being said, I ran the straightener through some of my hair that wasn't wet and then decided to style it this way.  Running a straightener through wet hair is NOT ideal because it will fry your hair and leave it extremely unhealthy.  While I was awake earlier than normal, I didn't have ENOUGH time to blowdry.  

Here's the first side of the French braid with one side of my head.

This is the longer side on the other side of my head with a slightly thicker braid.

As you can see, I secured the sides respectively to my head.  Also, you can see that I didn't braid down the middle because I obviously just wanted this to be a 'side braid' thing.  

Lastly, you can see that I secured the rest of my hair in a messy low bun.  I really didn't want a perfect low bun look because the braids give the style a 'Bohemian' look anyway, so having it perfectly put together just did not make that much sense.  I love the way this came out!  I added this adorable clip in bow from Free People that I got a year or so ago.  I only wore the bow outside of the office because I think it's a little too casual/playful for the office.  I even had thoughts that the hairstyle was a little too playful for the office but I gave it a shot and I think it was perfectly fine.  

I last but not least had to share with you the sunset outside from my back deck.  I am so lucky everyday to be able to see something like this!  The colors were beautiful this evening so I of course have to be capturing it to share with my Instagram followers and everyone here!  Thanks so much for checking out this great, easy hairstyle and be sure to send me a tweet with a picture if you give it a shot!  Thank you so much for reading and be sure to check back soon for some more!  -Brit.  

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