Adventure Aquarium in Camden!

So this week my little cousin is on his spring break from school.  I don't know about you but I most definitely miss those days!  Some R&R is always appreciated so when it's lacking, you definitely notice!  My aunt had suggested when she was at my house for Easter over the weekend that we take a trip to the aquarium while my cousin was off and I thought that was a fantastic idea.  I have never been to the Camden Adventure Aquarium which is really weird considering I have lived in New Jersey my entire life.  

Normally a lot of the schools do field trips here too so I was kind of surprised that throughout the entire time I have been in school as a younger kid, I never have been!  I was so thrilled to be going for the day trip because I love the aquarium.  I know what you're saying, it's hard to believe I am 24, it's fine.

ANYWAY!  My aunt swung by my house, picked me up and it was off to the aquarium!  I live on the very edge of the east coast in a beach town so it was a about an hour and fifteen minutes to get all the way over to West Jersey!  Camden is literally RIGHT outside of Philadelphia (as you will soon learn from some awesome photos I was able to snap with the iPhone).

These were the first couple of things we saw when we first walked in, alligators and crocodiles oh my!

Faster than we thought, we made our way through and took a look at this eel, then a lobster.  #Casual 

So you may have thought I was kidding when I said classes come here for field trips, I wasn't.  This is ironically the 'School Zone' where kids can learn about how fish travel together in some cases.  Adorbs.

    Of course no trip ANYWHERE would be complete without at least ONE selfie.  This wasn't my only one naturally (you will see a penguin selfie later).  I love trying to make my cousin take selfies with me, it's truly adorable.  Check him out here on the right in this huge jaw.  On the left, our giant tank selfie!

The huge tank seflie above housed some of these creatures below.  As you can see we met a huge turtle and some awesome sharks.  Swimming in there too were other types of fish, I'm worried for them.


So the next portion of our journey was our visit to the shark tank.  This was one of the two things that I was most excited about when we were thinking of visiting the aquarium to begin with.  I thought it was going to be so awesome to touch the sharks; it was everything and more.  So amazing.  I can't really explain the feeling except for saying that they were slimy, heh.  I must admit I was a little dramatic in this video I'm including, but what I didn't seem to get in the frame was this one Tiger Shark that almost hopped right over the barrier towards one of the kids that was petting it.  I almost died, hahaha!


Right before the Sting Ray tank, we saw this
awesome 'fish chandelier,' the colors were so
cool, I can't lie.


These cute little guys were outside.  I wonder what happens in the summer with them?  I can't lie, I thought looking at them was so cool that I needed to get this penguin selfie, I wasn't too concerned about asking questions at this point.  Hahaha don't judge me!

So like I told you before, Camden is a stones throw away from Philadelphia and this is the proof.  The top floor of the aquarium is a gorgeous view if you wanted to get some food, sit down for a second and take it all in.  I loved this part, especially because my cousin was talking about how awesome it was.  

One of the exhibits that was being talked about a lot was the 'Respect The Frog' one and it looked pretty cool.  While we weren't there for any of the shows, just walking through the frog section was awesome.  There were so many different types of frogs that I'm sure you didn't even know existed hahaha.  This was really the only semi-good photo I could get, but these frogs were so cool.

Naturally my cousin and I had to act like we were fish.  Once again, he's 10 and I'm 24.  You would really never be able to tell that this was the case.  I'm out of words.  

Last but certainly not least (before my phone died from taking so many photos) was the starfish and jellyfish section.  I could not have been more excited for this section.  It's always nice to see what stings you and what's pretty at the beach, ya know.  How gorgeous are these though?  The colors!


Now a few photos courtesy of my aunts phone because mine decided to be awesome and die!  The first is of me playing the xylophone.  Don't you see the common theme in this blog post?  I'm a child, I swear.  The second is another awesome photo of the jellyfish.  I have to extend some pretty great props to my aunt for snapping some fantastic pics.  For only bringing our phones and using them for all of these, we both did a pretty good job!  The last photo depicts what I was most excited about at the aquarium: the shark tunnel!  I was actually walking through the first part of the aquarium and mentioned something like, 'Isn't there an aquarium somewhere with a walkthrough shark tunnel?!' to my aunt and she said, 'Yeah, it's here!' 

Overall, I think the experience of visiting the Adventure Aquarium in Camden was awesome.  I wish all of the exhibits were open, but with the warmer weather and some improvements they're making, it will all be open again soon.  I think it would be interesting to visit there again because I'm sure it will be completely different come summer.  A lot of the same animals will obviously be there but there were a lot of things that we didn't get to see.

Next time I go back I want to witness someone swimming with sharks for sure.  There is an opportunity there for that, and I probably would do it, but I want to see someone else doing it at least!  Also next time, I would like to sit down for some of the shows.  I don't think we were there during the time they were offering shows.  There was a whole outside section that looked interesting and fun, so I would like to see that as well and finally, the hippos exhibit!

Getting there was fun and being there was even better.  I would recommend the aquarium to anyone with smaller kids or younger cousins  (like me).  If you plan on going, be sure to plan your trip better than we did.  Granted, we really didn't care what we were seeing but now that we have been there and have seen all the basics, we want to go back and see more/better things.  We will definitely plan accordingly.  

Have you ever been to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden or to any aquarium where you live?  Check out AAC's website here and be sure to send me a tweet and let me know if you've ever done something like this!  Thanks so much for reading, talk to you soon!  -Brit.   

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