Twitter is my all-time favorite social media platform.  As a social media professional, I work with so many different platforms every single day and aside from that, social media is also my passion/hobby.  For a plethora of reasons, Twitter has made me realize that something so small (yet so big) can establish such a powerful connection.  Whether the connection matters on a larger scale or a smaller one, it's still a connection and isn't that all we're after  in the long run?

Usually when running a twitter for a large company, local business or even for yourself, the bottom line or ultimate goal is to connect with people.  Whether you are trying to uphold or create a brand awareness or just communicate personally with friends or a celebrity you may idolize, it's all done through messages and connection.  Twitter makes it so easy to deliver these messages.

What I also cherish about the platform is the power that it has over you to try and make you think.  Should you be tasked with the objective to deliver a message for a company/brand that is so full of information, you may be caught off guard by the character limit.  Because Twitter obviously only allows the user to tweet 140 characters, you must invest more time in thinking about your message, which may in turn make it that much more meaningful.   Because you only have 140 characters, the message is full of that much more value.

Whether you're managing a corporations twitter or your own, you reserve the right to make a brand come alive.  Giving the brand a personality can be so entertaining and rewarding in many ways.  Searching hashtags or keywords in an area  allows you to enter realtime conversation about people that can be qualified and relevant to your brand, which makes the experience all the better.  Not only do you get enjoyment out of your accomplishments in making the brand come alive, but you have done wonders for the social media presence of said brand.  

Most reasons why people use social media can be attributed to multiple things.  Some use it to keep in touch, some use it to find out about brands, some use it to trust in friends about opinions.  No matter the reason, it's important to ensure that you are looking after your brand reputation.  On Twitter, there are so many opportunities to turn a not so favorable instance for a brand, into something that can flip it around and make it memorable. 

Twitter is just one step down from a conversation that is being had in real-time, face to face.  Short bursts of information back and forth.  Because of twitters simplicity index being so high, it is very user-friendly.  Being able to favorite a tweet that you have enjoyed and want to come back to later is a great way to organize.  Like a tweet someone sent?  Retweet it.  Simple as that.  You have the opportunity to share photos, but they count as part of your 140 characters, so chose the caption wisely.  I like this because the idea of a tweet remains the same, there's no exception.  I like the challenge for me personally and for a brand as well.

Although even sooner than later Twitter is looking at a complete redesign, I will still be completely in love.  And you know what?  The redesign thats coming up is not going to be the last one.  If I remember correctly, the platform has just recently changed to a more 'iOS' look which I actually kind of liked.  The new twitter really looks pretty cool and I can't wait for it to roll out for more people.  I love the fact that there really isn't a necessity for an intricate background for each user.  Who knows, there may be that need eventually with the new platform but I don't seem to think that the background is going to be as essential as it used to be anymore.  

I could go on forever about how much I love twitter.  I love that I can share my life with people, I love that I have the power to tell them where I am, or not.  I love that I can connect with people via short bursts of information and I love the challenge that I have when thinking about the tweet that I want to send.  Granted, I love social media as a whole so I don't really hate any platforms, but I just have to admit that Twitter is my all-time favorite.  My twitter feed is the feed of my life!  Let us not forget, twitter was the birthplace of the hashtag.  You're welcome for that reminder.  

Do you guys feel the same way?  What do you NOT like about twitter?  It would be interesting to find out more about what you think because I want to know what everyone else loves and hates about social media.  Like i said, I am impartial because social media just constantly makes me happy, but I know thats not the case for most.  Send me a tweet and let me know what you think.  You never know, we could be on to something.  Thank you for reading.  

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