Revlon Parfumerie: Fresh Linen.

As you sadly know, we are in for it.  By this, I mean we are in for another storm that is set to come our way at the end of today, right into tomorrow morning.  This is going to be bad for many reasons but the worst reason is because of the morning commute.  Granted, if the weather is bad enough, my office will close but it's just extremely annoying to have to worry about how bad the snow will be because granted, trusting the forecast is never a good thing (it changes every five seconds).  

For today's lazy Sunday, I woke up with really only a couple of things that I had to do.  I must do laundry, pickup my room a little bit and I just really wanted to re-paint my nails.  So, with that said, my dad put on a pot of coffee, made us breakfast sandwiches and here we are chillin'.  My dad isn't painting his nails though, he's working on the snow blower a little bit (lol).  

So above are the two integral parts of my day.  On the right you will see my adorable coffee-stained mug that is making me very happy.  Quick tip for people, try drinking your coffee black.  I don't know, I have tasted coffee like one time with sugar and creamer and I just don't like it.  Ever since I started drinking coffee, I have been drinking it black.  Every single day, it just tastes so much better and stronger.  On the left you will see my nail polish of choice for today (and probably tomorrow), Revlon's Parfumerie in Fresh Linen. 

With this color, you need more than two coats, on my nails currently is three coats.  It may seem like a bit of a no brainer that a white polish would need more than two coats, but this one has a pearly finish so you might be fooled.  The color is beautiful but even with three coats you can still see right through it in the photo to the bottom of my nails.  I didn't use a base coat or top coat with this, but I didn't want to because when I test a polish, I always want to do it without base/top coats to see how well they are on their own.  

I'm pretty sure I have never talked about these polishes on my blog before but I have a couple of them as you will see down below and I do enjoy them.  Other than the scent of the polishes, my favorite thing about them is the bottle shape.  They are so darling and look like a tiny little perfume bottle and it makes me so happy.

As you can see, I have six of the polishes in this line.  I have: Fresh Linen, Pink Pineapple, Beachy, Wintermint, Autumn Spice and Apricot Nectar.  My favorite out of these is most definitely beach (scent wise).  These all smell exactly like they are labeled and that makes me happy.  I say this because Revlon came out with another line of scented polishes that didn't smell that great and I was so upset.  I bought a beachy-scented one and it smelled so bad and nothing like the beach.  These polishes are great and they only smell like a normal nail polish upon first opening up the bottle, right after that they smell like the scent they are labeled.  I couldn't believe it.  Also, the scent lasts longer than just the first day.  I would probably say about three days later, the scent was still there but starting to wear off, definitely pretty cool!

Thank you for reading once again.  I felt inspired by the snow (um, ew) to paint my nails this angelic white color and I am happy with the decision.  Who knows how long I will feel this inspired but I hope this snow comes and goes because I looked further into Accuweather and it says that we are going to be getting temperatures in the 50's and 60's so I cant wait.  What polishes are you loving right now?  Mine are always so dependent on my mood as you know from last couple of color choices.  Let me know in the comments below or send me a tweet.  Thanks for reading!  xoxo

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