Oscar Fashion Recap!

I know what you're thinking: I'm probably going to tell you that Lupita Nyong'o rocked the Oscars last night.  Well if you think that, then you are sorely mistaken.  I think her dress was great last night but what the heck was going on with that headband!?  I didn't like it one bit.  People were saying that they wanted to 'run out right away and get a headband' and I was ready to just vom.  I mean come on.  I don't think when you have hair like hers you should be wearing a headband.

Moving on!  I have to say my favorite look of last night was most definitely Anna Kendrick.  I don't know much about her career to be completely honest and I only normally watch these awards shoes for the red carpet but I do know that Kendrick is hilarious.  I think this dress suits her personality perfectly.  She is gorgeous and so is this dress but I think it's also sassy to match her attitude.  The sheer paneling under the bust is darling with the red detail and the neckline is gorgeous.  She gets an A+ on the hair as it's up and away from the top so all of the attention is on the lines of the dress.  Love it.

Anna Kendrick, J. Mendel

Jessica's look I liked for a couple of reasons.  I don't know, ever since I heard Wendy Williams call her boring I started to think, "Ya know what, she IS boring" and this dress kind of fits that personality but with a kick and I like it.  (That is certifiably the weirdest thing I think I have ever said).  The nude color suits her perfectly but I do wish that she wore her hair up.  I think it would have looked a lot better that way.

Jessica Biel, Chanel Couture

Giuliana looks great in this Australian designer.  I think, on the contrary to Biel, she could have definitely worn her hair down but thats the only downfall.  I love the tulle at the bottom of the dress and like Rancic said herself, she looked like a princess all night.  I love the top of the silhouette and all of the sequined detail because it was just that extra detail the dress needed.  

Giuliana Rancic, Paolo Sebastian

I mean does Watts not look absolutely stunning?  I feel like this is something I would wear to get married in because it is simple, but statement-making.  Although my favorite part of the whole look is the dress itself, the necklace is also darling.  The only thing that could make this better would be an updo, which seems to be the common mistake among all of the guests.

Naomi Watts, Calvin Klein Collection

Charlize is so pretty and I even think so not being a fan of the shorter hair.  This dress is drop dead gorgeous and initially I didn't think so.  When I realized I couldn't stop staring at it for a good five minutes I then was like, 'Wow Brittany, snap out of it this is just the most gorgeous thing you will ever see in your life.'  I feel like Theron can probably do no wrong and I definitely wish I had her body.  Ugh, it's just not fair.  I just don't like her hair.

Charlize Theron, Dior Couture

There were a couple more leading ladies that I liked last night but these were the best ones.  Overall, there were a lot of light colors even in the suiting from Ryan Seacreast in Burberry to Jared Leto and Ellen Degeneres.  What were some of your favorite looks from last night?  As you know Anna Kendrick was my favorite, so share yours in the comment below or send me a tweet!  xoxo

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