OOTD: Brown Booties and Legwarmers!

Today was a pretty day outside despite the gross temperature.  I seriously am beginning to really hate it so much but what can I say, it's winter.  I could have talked about it yesterday but I guess I was bitter, but we are having another supposedly 'gigantic' snowstorm that is due to start tomorrow and go right into Monday.  Being that I was armed with that information yesterday, I decided to take my errands and trip to the mall TODAY to avoid all chaos that may ensue early tomorrow morning in prep for what I hope will be the last snowstorm of the season!

I wanted to be comfortable and of course casual so I just decided to throw on these jeans from Forever 21.  I just got these this year and they are the best.  They are high-waisted and so comfortable that I love wearing them either on dress down day to work, or for a casual weekend day.  

My favorite part of the outfit was most definitely the shoes.  I had to throw on some legwarmers (here they of course look like ankle warmers) because it was so darn cold.  The shoes are the stars, they are form Aldo.  I love these booties and when I bought them this fall, I was thinking that they were only going to be wearable for the fall season, but they transition perfectly into the winter and I still wear them so often.  I love the comfort and polished look they give.  When I was looking for the style upon first wanting them, this is what I was picturing so I couldn't believe I was able to find exactly that.  

I talked to you the other day about the color on my nails, Braziliant by Essie.  I love this color and I told you why, but I will tell you again.  To be honest, the color just makes me happy and it makes me think about the spring that doesn't feel like we are EVER going to get!  It's a little difficult to see here (thanks Dad, lol) but I am wearing a silver ring from Forever 21 that is a wrap around ring with a square on one side and a triangle on the other, I love it!  The second ring that I decided to wear was a gold one with a small blue embellishment that forms a bow.  My watch is of course my MK 5606.  I love mixing medal by throwing a random piece of silver in there (I don't wear it that much).  All of the gold mixes great with the shoes and it makes me happy!

I also had my little ten-year-old cousin with me today who decided he wanted to get artistic and try to get a 'cool pic' of my 'standing on the edge' idea.  I don't know, I just went ahead and let him so what he wanted!

Here's the entire outfit.  The top was a plain navy blue peasant top with gold detail down the front.  It was nothing special so I didn't get a close up.  For this, I wanted to show you how I took the cold weather and turned it into something fun to dress up fall booties with leg warmers.  Such a casual and fun look for the weekend and it made me happy!  What are you wearing this weekend?  Leave me a comment or send me a tweet and let me know!  Stay warm and thank you for reading!  xoxo

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