Fun Links on Friday, 3/7!

22 Amazing International Shopping Sites That Ship to the USA via StyleCaster

Being that I always find myself mostly shopping in-store, I really want to try and start shopping online more.  It's not that I never shop online because I do, but I definitely want something new as I am tired of the same stuff.  Granted, you can always get something good at H&M or ShopLately online but I want something new for the spring and thats the good thing about this article from StyleCaster.  I love some of these stores!  I looked at the price range and some of them are unsavory but some of them are fine.  If you find something that you like though thats of higher price, you can always save it for a rainy day and that's why I definitely think this link is bookmark-worthy (and they ship international!).  

30 Signs You Follow Too Many Fashion Bloggers on Instagram via StyleCaster

This is so incredibly relevant I cannot believe it.  I know there are stories out about similar things but this one just reigns true to my own heart.  I was out with friends recently and I just could not put my phone down because I was too busy catching up with the latest blogger at the latest Paris Fashion Week show.  I don't know, there really is no explanation for why I am so obsessed but just like any great love, you just can never let it go.  Who do you all follow on Instagram?  I can't see my love for the social platform going away anytime soon.  Do you agree?  

10 Friends to Lose in Your Twenties via Cosmopolitan

Being in your twenties can be the hardest part of your life.  Everyone is always told that high school is difficult and that it gets better when you go to college to start your life but thats not always true.  I think part of being out of school, post-college, isn't always peaches and cream and it stinks to think that you'll have to spend so much time looking for that dream job that you thought you would get as soon as you graduated from college.  I also think that finding yourself, outside of what job you want for the rest of your life, is part of your twenties and that can be the most difficult thing in the world.  Dating in your twenties can be a horrible experience, finding time for yourself can be a horrible experience and family issues can be a horrible experience.  The last thing you need is for the few friends that you actually have in your life, to turn on you and not support you.  I say all of this to say that when you're in your twenties, it's time to start trimming the fat and that's why I think this article from Cosmo does actually have a few words that are somewhat of a helpful guide to figuring out friends in your twenties.  Granted, I think being able to actually see who you need and who you don't on your own, is also a way more valuable skill than any article you may ever read.  

The Spring Collection via H&M

It's no secret, we all know I love H&M.  Being that I have such an obsession, I can't wait to get my hands on a couple of pieces from the spring line.  There are a few things that I definitely can live without when I look at the collection online but who knows what will happen when I see things in the store.  I know that probably, my opinion will change.  There is a tunic in particular that I really want because its adorable but it's sold out on the website so it I don't know how readily available it will be in the store.  There also is a darling skirt in the collection that I know I wont buy because I can't really see myself wearing enough haha.  Don't you do that sometimes?  Buy something that you're obsessed with just because you like it and then end up never wearing it?

Well, that's all I have for you this week.  I went out with friends tonight and did a little shopping at the Jersey Shore Premium Outlets.  Usually the Aldo is so good there but they didn't have anything that specifically caught my eye this time.  There was one pair of shoes but they didn't have my size so I didn't end up getting them.  We moved on to a couple of the other stores and nothing was really jumping out at me for some reason and that's a first hahaha.  I didn't complain though because this weekend I am heading into the city to do some shopping with another friend of mine.  I can't wait because it's been since September that I've been to the city and that makes me really sad.  I can't wait to also spend time with my friend because things have been rough and time hasn't really been on our side lately when normally we get together at least once per week.  

So be on the look out for a haul sometimes this weekend/beginning of next week.  Thank you so much for reading and I hope you liked this weeks fun links!  I cannot believe it is March 7 already.  I sat in the same place last weekend thinking about how 'it wasn't even March yet' and now here we are, already a week in.  I am so happy for the warmer weather and for the clocks to Spring ahead this weekend!  Talk to you all soon and thank you so much for reading!  Send me a tweet and let me know your weekend plans or what your Spring purchases have been so far this season!

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