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16 Ways Twentysomething Women Rationalize Spending Money via Cosmopolitan

So this story gives me life.  There are always times in your life when you feel like you just must spend money on something.  We all have to admit it.  For example, my ex-boyfriend has always been one to not spend any money on ANYTHING but even when he sees something come out, he spends the money immediately because he feels like he MUST have it before anyone else.  Everyone has the passion for at least one concept in their life that they feel is so important and thats where spending money often comes in.  While I admit that I do share that same passion for clothes, shoes and money, I don't always muse about why I should get said top or pair of jeans, I quickly rationalize and just make the purchase.  While a lot of these examples aren't exactly thoughts of mine, some of them make connections with the way I make my purchases and I couldn't help but share it with you guys.  After all, I did just have the busiest week at work EVER, so I do deserve $100 shopping spree at H&M, sign me up.  How do you rationalize spending money?  

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Sexiest Gif of Joe Jonas Ever via Buzzfeed

So everyone that knows me knows that while I was in high school I went through the hugest Jonas Brothers phase that you ever did see.  I skipped Senior Prom to get to a concert, I watch the live streams that they did, I learned as much has possible about the Road Dogs, I tried finding out everything there was to know about them living in New Jersey and a whole bunch more.  I wish I could say that I was embarrassed but I most certainly am not.  Being that they held such a soft spot in my heart for so long, I feel like at least Joe will never leave that spot and that's why I couldn't help but include this beautiful gif of the boy, ugh I love him.  Who was your favorite high school band?  

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Rose Water Pudding via Leaf tv on Youtube

So what better way to welcome Spring than with trying out the recipe for something as magical as freaking Rose Pudding.  This video makes me want to go out this weekend and get the ingredients to make this ASAP.  Not only is the presentation of this adorable, but I feel like it will taste SO AMAZING.  I love anything rose flavored.  I remember when I tried Rose Water Macarons from Le Maison du Maraon in New York this summer I almost fell over they were so delicious.  

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What To Do With Broken Jewelry via A Fab Life

I mean, let us be completely honest.  How much $2 jewelry have you purchase from Forever21?  I cannot tell a lie, I have way too much.  Granted, some of it is still holding up but a lot of it doesn't really last long especially if it's more statement-making or costume jewelry.  Leah and Mary always make 'Tipsy Tuesday' videos explaining some tips for random things in your life that you may not think to do and that's what sets them apart.  I love learning new things from them especially through their adorable storytelling videos and illuminating personalities.   They are adorable so go check them out and subscribe to their channel!

Chanel's Supermarket Chic via NY Times

Of course I can't let this go without talking about some of Chanel's latest.  I mean, as already a huge fan of everything Chanel, I can't really get over the fact that everything they do is perfect to me.  With this though, I felt fashionably touched.  Being that I used to work at a supermarket (most ridiculous, traumatizing seven years of my life), I felt like Lagerfeld reached deep into my soul and pulled out this fantastic connection.  Ugh, let me just sigh for a minute because even though I felt the connection, there are just more clothes that I probably will never be able to afford.  Strangely, I am still 100% okay with that.

What have you been loving this week?  Anything good?  You know I would love to see so feel free to share with me in the comments below or send me a tweet!  I hope you guys have an awesome weekend and I will talk to you soon!  Thanks for reading as always.

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