A Friday in the Springtime!

Let's be honest with each other, even if you are a winter fan, you are excited for it to end this year.  To be honest, I don't care where you're from, the winter has sucked this year in New Jersey.  That sentence was not me trying to be mean.  Moving on, I could not be more enthusiastic about the longer, sunnier and warmer days that are coming our way.  This just makes me so happy.  So feeling as inspired as I was with these nice past couple of days I posted a photo on Instagram that just made me feel that much happier.  What have you been rocking on your nails and for army candy lately?

Nail Polish: Sinful Colors, 'Most Sinful'

I really like this polish.  I have been wearing it for three days now (Thurs-Sat).  There is very minimal chipping with no top coat and those polishes are always the best.  Sinful Colors can basically be found anywhere and they are so affordable.  Something different about this Sinful Colors polish though is that it is from their 'Gel Finish' line.  I would definitely give these polishes a try.

Watch: MK 5605
Bracelet: BCBG

Send me a tweet and let me know what you've been wearing to enjoy the first couple of days of spring.  I like spring because it always just makes me so happy leading up to summer.  Who doesn't?


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