My Go-To Outfit for Spring Days!

Today was an absolutely fantastic day.  For the first time in weeks, it was not in the teens as far as the temperatures go, it was perhaps in the 50's!  I know, pull your chins up off of the floor.  It was actually 61 degrees here at one point and everyone and their mother was abuzz about it.  Actually funny enough, there was an event called the Polar Bear Plunge going on in the area that I think they ironically lucked out for.  The Polar Bear Plunge is event where people dive into the Atlantic Ocean at sub zero temperatures to raise money for charitable causes or organizations.  

I look extremely awkward here, but I wanted you to get a full understanding of what I was wearing.  My maxi skirt is so basic, just from Old Navy.  

Here I am again looking awkward and oh so fabulous.  My belt is from Target.

These shoes are an anomaly.  Sometimes they are so comfortable and others they aren't at all.  I picked them up at H&M for a favorable price (I mean, how expensive can things from H&M really get?) and I have been wearing them a decent amount.  

I know I have worn this on the blog before in many outfits.  I can't get enough of this jacket from H&M.  

I got this belt from Target with another dress I had purchased.  

My favorite part about this post is most definitely the haircut.  I literally cannot believe I finally cut my hair.  I have been bothering everyone in my life about getting a cut and never actually did it until Tuesday this week and I could not be more excited.  I love how healthy this feels and how amazingly happy it makes me feel.  I would suggest going for a cut if you are feeling like you need some new inspiration or if you're feeling stuck in a routine of boring hair.

What do you guys think?  Leave a comment below!  What outfits do you always find yourself going back to?  This is one of mine for sure.  I have definitely featured it on the blog before and I am sure that I will again!  Send me a tweet or let me know what you think in the comments below!  Thank you so much for reading and I will see you again soon!

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