Okay guys.  As I had previously said, the weather has finally been looking up but I knew for sure that it was too good to be true (being that it's only February).  Granted, tomorrow is the last day of the month and I could not be more excited.  For some reason I just cannot stand February because it always kind of meant 'dead of winter' to me and I hate winter (no surprise).  

Being that you know I hate winter, I bring you a nice little pop of color for the time being.  While we wait for the weather to be on a steady incline rather than just popping up in random places when it feels like it, March IS actually coming so that means it's time to starting bringing out the pastels and the brights.  Nothing makes me happier.

Come May I'm sure I'll do Manicure May but for now you have to take a look at this color!  I remember when the color came out with the Braziliant collection and I was so excited.

This is the collection titled color Braziliant.  I love the bright pop of color because it's HOT orange and it just makes me happy.  I can use this as a crutch to get me through the rest of this gross winter weather.  

As you can see, the polish has amazing duo-chrome.  The subtle hints of purple are just enough to make it look like 'not your average orange' polish.  I like the application of this polish,  I have two coats on here and that's really all you need.  Normally Essie polishes are great this way, pretty opaque.  

I feel like I also must add that I have Lush 'Dream Cream;' on my hands at the time of these photos so thats why they look a little oily.  I couldn't wait to take the pictures because I wanted to show you the color.  I am going to definitely be sharing my favorites for dry skin coming up soon, so make sure you don't miss it.  I have eczema and not everything works for me  (barely anything), so I have a lot to say about Dream Cream and another line of amazing products.  

What are you doing to get through these last couple of cold months?  Thank you so much for reading and make sure you check in for my dry skin (eczema friendly) post coming really soon!  Also, more outfit of the days coming up as well.  Send me a tweet or comment!  

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