Opal Rings!

Sooooo, you might think it's some sort of weird sigh that I'm posting all of this wedding stuff lately but for some reason I have just been running into a bunch of it.  I know wedding season is basically JUST around the corner so there's a reason that almost every single publication is posting about random wedding things.  Although I am depressingly single, I can't help but look at these posts and just wish that I had some of these things for my wedding.

One of the things that I know I couldn't give up when getting married is a traditional ring.  I would give up an elaborate ceremony anyway for a fantastic ring.  I don't know why but it just would be so fun to have an awesome ring.  With that being said, I came across this article by Refinery 29 about 'Discreet Engagement Rings for the Subtle Bride.'  I have to say, most of them are soooooo not my style at all, but there was one in the list that was to die for.  I wouldn't replace it for the ring that I would love to have eventually but I just love the simplicity and beauty in this ring.

Photo from Refinery29
The opalescent feature of this ring is beautiful and its so different.  I love the shape and feel like it's so delicate and feminine.  Not as a wedding ring, but as a ring to wear occasionally, I would definitely fit this into my jewelry box.  What do you think?  Send me a tweet or leave a comment below!

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