Fashion Quotes and it's 2014!

Guys!  Happy 2014!  I cannot believe that another year has passed and I am another year older.  My birthday was January 2 (yesterday) and I am so happy and full of love during this time, it just makes me so excited.  I like to celebrate for as long as possible because I've truly spent so much of my life dealing with terrible things, so now I need start making up for it.  That beign said, I'm celebrating all month long!  I am going to do a post about what I got for my birthday being that I bought myself a lot of pretty cool gifts.  It will basically just be a huge haul because all the presents I got, I bought for myself!  Hahah.  My aunt got me an awesome Christmas/Birthday present though, and I will be sure to show you that as well!

For today's post though, I wanted to bring you this awesome article that StyleCaster did because I just love almost every single quote in this article.  Basically, the piece talks about some prime names in fashion and quotes they've said that makes fashion, fashion.  Read on and let me know what you think.  One of my favorites is pictured above, I truly believe thats the way it should be.  FASHION IS LIFE.

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