Work Christmas Party!

Pardon the silly selfie, but I just HAD to, I was in the mood.  Please also take note that this picture was taken after I had gotten home for the night, so my hair looks a little flat!  Today was my work Christmas party and it was fun!  We all felt a little bit rushed because the party started at 6pm and we don't get done working till 5pm but it was okay.  We arrived at the party by 7pm, you know, fashionably late.  

I had to get a good shot of the food and wine, you know, the most important part!  Also, yes, that IS a glass bowl with mashed potatoes in it that looks like a martini glass without a stem.  The party had a mashed potato bar!  It was pretty cool to be able to chose regular or sweet mashed potatoes and then choose toppings from a bar, very neat!

I wore this red dress from Forever 21 that I got about a year ago!  I do love it and I never get a chance to wear it.  My shoes were from Aldo and my cardigan was just to keep warm, from Target.  I kept my hair pretty simple as I just waved it with my curler.  The weather was NOT cooperating, it was so nasty and raining so that didn't help in the hair department.  As you had seen from the selfie that started this post, I didn't wear any other makeup aside from mascara (don't forget, this selfie was taken after I had gotten home, at the very end of the night, so my hair did actually stay in better than I had thought).  I am still having problems with my eyes so I decided to keep it simple and not wear anything because I didn't want to irritate anything.

Don't hesitate to leave a comment and let me know what you plan on wearing to your Christmas parties for work!  I would love to know.  Also, send me a tweet if you'd like and I'll see you guys tomorrow!  

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