Beauty Hacks?

Image via BeautyHigh
I must be honest, when I saw this I was a little apprehensive.  I normally just pass these types of articles by because I don't want to just sit there and read the same article again and again.  This one though, I gave it a shot.  The first reason is because I used to work at Beauty High, so I am a little impartial, haha.  The second reason is because most times the articles like this just say "Other uses for beauty products" or something like that, but this one was "Beauty Hacks" which is completely different and I like that.

My favorites from this article are definitely the weird one about the coconut oil and the tooth brush for mascara de-clumping, I love them both!  I feel like you can use a toothbrush for so many different things in beauty but I never thought about using it to de-clump my mascara and it seems like the simplest idea.  I am a very happy person with all of these new tricks, they also seem very practical.

Check out the article and let me know what you think!  You can leave a comment below or send me a tweet.  Is there anything that the article is missing?  Let me know.  Thanks for reading.

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