The skirt game and I have been "cliquing" lately.

I can't get enough and have truly been obsessed with ankle booties, even since mid-August when it was way to hot to wear them (even though it still is now because its been eerily hot lately).  That being said, I set out to create a set based on skirts today but I ended up making this and just absolutely loving everything about it.  

When I chose the skirts I wanted to style, I was thinking, "Oh, I'll make this a New York vs. Los Angeles" type thing.  I figured with the leather being NY and the white being LA there would be a difference but I would wear both outfits.  I can no classify the difference being the left outfit I would wear for fall (with tights if necessary) and the right I'd wear for a haute summer night.

Let me know where you'd wear both outfits in the comments below.  You can also send me a tweet and let me know what you'd style differently.  Pin with me and share some of your favorite quotes and outfits.  Also check out my Youtube channel for some videos soon!  Talk to you all soon and thank you for reading.

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