Heels in Haute Hues

As I have previously mentioned, starting a new job requires several new things.  You know, the more important things in life like a new bag, shoes, wardrobe, travel coffee mug, makeup, things to decorate my desk/office.  While I have some classics, I just can't help but shake the feeling that I want new absolutely EVERYTHING for when I begin this job.  Acknowledging the fact that I (and probably most) just don't have the budget to randomly replace everything, we will most likely have to take it one step at a time.

My feelings for wanting to replace everything and start new aren't irrational though, right?  I deserve it. I worked harder than you'll ever know in school, graduated, got my degree with honors and searched/ interviewed HARD for nine months to finally get this job.  There is nothing like starting fresh and celebrating such an amazing accomplishment for getting this far and finally starting my life!  I could not be more happy (as you can I'm sure figure out by now).  

Next, after the bag, on my list is going to be the shoes.  I have some classics like I mentioned, but if I'm going to be wearing shoes like this everyday and for eight hours, I am going to have to invest in some more.  I can probably run in heels by now but I am sure I am going to have those days where I just wont want to wear heels and that's why I've included a flat option here.  There's also casual Friday, and who wants to be the one wearing heels on casual Friday (unless they're adorable and understated heeled booties or something).  

Melvinia, Aldo, $100
 I like the unexpected gold on this shoe.  Whenever I look to buy a new pair of black pumps, I always look for subtle things that make the shoe different and less boring.  If you have to wear a black pump everyday, you're going to have to try and jazz it up a little bit while keeping it appropriate for the office.

Galley Flat, Kate Spade, $180
In my eyes, these shoes are absolute perfection.  I normally don't tend to follow the fashion rules so I love a good winter white (starting in the fall).  Pairing these with an adorable skirt/dress and some solid or patterned tights will never hurt anyone and it is perfectly professional.  This design is just darling.

Sam&Libby Dominique, Target, $31.99

It's clear that probably the most attractive thing about this pair is the color, oh and the price tag!  Sam and Libby put out an adorable line at Target recently and I swooned over these wine colored, suede pumps!  I just love suede as a finish because it is sleek and understated making it professional and well put together.  Although oxblood/wine was major last year, it isn't going anywhere this year and I cannot wait to get my hands on these.  I will most likely pair them with a plain black dress for a great pop of color, or maybe I'll break them out for a holiday party?

Fancy Faux Suede, Forever 21, $32.80
These shoes are fantastic because they have the loafer look with an unexpected heel and color.  Emerald is another huge hue for the season and this shade is perfect.  Although it may be hard to wear these in the office, you can always pair them with a tan pant and an oxford/sweater combo or a plain dress of any complimentary color.  I cannot get enough of these.

No matter what you think you'll chose, I really want to try and grab all of these.  There are a couple of price points here, so put some on your Christmas list and buy some now to hold you over!  Send me a tweet and let me know what you think you'll be investing in.  These are just a few ideas and some inspiration for me, I will most likely look into some more (bad I know).  You can also feel free to leave a comment below.  Thank you so much for reading.


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    1. Awesome, I love those too! Thank you so much, I will check your blog out!