Iris Apfel.

Image via PEM

I was doing a little reading tonight, as you do, and I came across this article from a couple of weeks ago that StyleCaster had done.  When it first came out, I read it, but not the whole of it because I didn't remember having time to read the whole thing.  

When I first heard about Iris Apfel, I thought she was so inspiring for a couple of reasons.  Something about her fun-loving personality that shines through via her style and accessories was so interesting to me.  Because she is 92, she has seen it all.  If you could think of one person that could tell you how to take inspiration from things, it would be Apfel.  I really, truly think that she is a wonderful women.

I like how traditional she is and how she talks about the different senses of street style and how it used to be, versus what it's like now.  Read on in this article from StyleCaster to see what I mean, and how Iris will continue to keep changing the world of fashion and how people see it.

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