Summer Lunch.

So while I have significantly changed my diet over the past year and have gotten myself a lot healthier, I never like to skimp out on more "indulgent" recipes.  I will most likely be talking a lot more about how I changed my diet/exercise/life in general in another series, so this is going to be a little bit more brief.  I wanted to share with you a really delicious little lunch that I have created recently!

I am absolutely crazy about avocado.  I will probably put avocados on anything: eggs, any type of sandwich, a piece of bread for a snack, ANYTHING.  Here, I used a light english muffin that is 90 calories (!!!!) for the bread.  The taste is absolutely delicious and I tend to favor it more than any other type of english muffin.  I toasted the muffin and used a very little bit of olive oil mayo just on the top.  I sprinkled some black pepper on top of the mayo and was ready to layer on the delicious ingredients.

Stacked on the inside is a slice of tomato, fresh romaine lettuce and a couple of slices of avocado.  The sandwich is absolutely perfect for lunch if you want to eat it by itself or with a small salad or other side option.  This fresh sandwich is a spin on the traditional sandwich with heavier meats and other things that aren't the healthiest of options.  The first bite is a perfect crunch and when you're done, you will be full!

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you, the second juice I ever had made with my juicer!  I cannot even tell you how obsessed I am with my juicer and there will definitely be another post about it.  This is just a simple, FRESH orange juice.  All I did was peel two oranges and throw them in the juicer until they were completely juiced.  Put some ice in a glass and you are set to enjoy an amazing, fresh orange juice and combined with the sandwich you just cannot go wrong!  You of course have to make sure you are sipping from a straw too, it just feels so right.

Well thank you everyone for reading my first kind of, "food post."  I want to be doing more of this because I really enjoy talking about healthy food and ways to recreate things.  Being that I am a lot healthier now than I used to be, I would love to let you know how I got here and how I plan to stay in this amazing part of my life health-wise.  Thank you, of course, so much for reading.  Send me a tweet and let me know what you like to eat and drink for a nice fresh lunch.


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