Sugar Skull Manicure.

Who doesn't love a good Sugar Skull manicure?  I got inspiration from The Wah Nails Book of Downtown Girls which I absolutely love.  I have had another edition of the book before and took tons of inspiration from it including many of my floral manicures.  The book has tons of different textured nail designs and manicure variations.  You can take inspiration from it and create your own or replicate one exactly.  Check out the book if you haven't already.

I have used "Office" by American Apparel and several different Sinful Colors nail stripers.  I also topped off the design with Revlon's "Multi-Care Base+Top Coat," which I absolutely love and will have another post on in the future.  If I had to say one thing about my take on the creation, I would have changed the way I made the teeth.  They clearly need to be a bit more flat, they look like a football.

Thank you so much for reading and checking out the blog!  I hope you all enjoyed.  Send me a tweet with a picture so I can see what you've created.  Talk to you soon.


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